Design & Build 2021

BUILD Design & Build 2021 64 36 Q3 2021 May21024 The Company Building Better As one of the fastest growing construction companies in Wales, LEB Construction Limited has become the contractor of choice for many clients needing building, construction and maintenance work. Working in and around the Aberystwyth region with diligence and tenacity, its efforts have become synonymous with quality, cost effective construction delivered in a timely manner that exceeds clients expectations. multi-disciplinary company and contactor, LEB Construction Limited offers a wide range of services, and was founded 12 years ago by chartered construction manager Luke Baker. Since its foundation the company has strived for excellence, and has a growing reputation for delivering high quality building works quickly, to high standards, and value. Fundamentally, therefore, this Aberystwyth based company has been focused first and foremost on serving the clients that would allow them to build this reputation and subsequent roster of loyal clients, cementing its role in operations in and around its home base as well as across Ceredigion and Mid-Wales. Furthermore, it works for a mix of clients that include the public sector, education, social housing, commercial builds, and private clientele. This has ensured that is has developed a wide reaching and expansive portfolio of past construction work, allowing it to show its range of capabilities and stand head and shoulders above its competition; its range has indeed been an element that brings in repeat business from its customers. All in all, its unique selling point when it comes to its market segment lies in a culture of going above and beyond at every turn. This is achieved by way of construction quality, safety management, and a programme that is achieved by being the best of the best in its industry; its people are the reason for its success, with a propensity for going the extra mile and doing what it takes in order to find what success means to each client. In this way, it is important to LEB Construction Limited that each of its customers reaches their own business goals, as this allows it to reach its goals in turn. Consequentially, LEB Construction Limited’s values, attitudes, and core principles are all based in finding people with the right attitude when hiring new staff members, as new skills and proficiencies can be taught – it prides itself on its upskilling of its staff – but having someone fit into a team well is harder to teach. Last year, during one of the most tumultuous years that the construction industry and indeed the world as a whole had ever faced, LEB Construction Limited celebrated a milestone. Happily, it surpassed its decade year old milestone. This demarked a real chance for the business to look inward, and with the additional pressure of the pandemic making systemic change thoroughly necessary, it began a pivot; despite the A challenges the outbreak presented, it adapted to include the necessary safety and measures and grew as a result. It has thusly seen a significant increase in the scale and scope of the projects it has been working on, this fact in and of itself becoming a testament to the strong relationships it has built with its clients and within its industry over time. Its work has been of a consistently high quality, and its most recent project is one that promises to carry this torch forward with a parcel of prime development land having been purchased in Glanyrafon Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth. Here, the company will be building its own contemporary commercial building that will be the home of everything from offices to workshop stores, and even a yard space; there will also be training rooms to allow for the continual training of the team, and with a workforce that has expanded 30% over the last 12 months, it is excited to work with and professional develop every one of them as it moves into the future. Company: LEB Construction Limited Contact: Luke Baker Website: