Design & Build 2021

43 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 38 BUILD Q4 2021 Building the Future of Architecture As ‘Asia Pacific’s Most Outstanding Architecture & Design 2021’, Lead8 has secured itself as a well-known global designer. With services that take a client from the initial idea all the way through to an exemplary end-product that perfectly reflects their vision, Lead8 is versed in working with all manner of builds and ideas across all manner of cultural norms and perspectives. Furthermore, its global team and commitment to positive social and environmental action is shaping how an architectural firm can help bring its industry – and the world – into the fast-approaching future. ead8, an international design studio with an expansive breadth and depth of knowledge in architecture, interior design, master planning, branding, and graphic design, is a company that found its feet in 2014. Over the years that it has been in operation, it has secured a number of exemplary partnerships, making itself a standout voice in its industry by making itself a known international presence and cementing long term business friendships with world-leading property developers, owners, and operators. Fundamentally, its team of 250 have grown alongside these partnerships; nowadays, Lead8 operates all over the world and on projects in over 40 different cities from the studios of Hong Kong to Shenzhen and Singapore, to Kuala Lumpar and London. This has allowed it to build up a portfolio of impressive competencies over time. Enabling it to forge more partnerships – and to retain the ones it has made over time – its deeply ingrained dedication to building up long term industry contacts has allowed it to propel its outstanding work to the next level. Trusted to handle all manner of builds and projects for esteemed developers, its work at present is in building up portfolios with Sun Hung Kai Properties, New World Development, CRC Land, Longfor Properties, Shangri-La Group, Airport Authority Honk Kong, UEM Sunrise, and Hongkong Land. Furthermore, by taking the philosophical tack it takes when it comes to its work, its designs and builds result in a client- focused and value-based design, characterised by simplicity, creativity, and practicality, promising a client that their new space will make an enriching difference in their lives. In addition to this, it champions its own problem solving, and its ability to weave complex ideas and concepts together in a fascinating and visually stunning way, turning imagination into reality as it brings it client’s visions to life perfectly to specification every time. It also works within the social and environmental context of the space in which it is building, with a firm belief in working in collaboration with the environment and giving back to the communities it builds for. Thus, it is dedicated to finding ways to L Aug21089 make positive social impact, believing in being proactive when it comes to fundraising and awareness raising through campaigns such as World Vision and Save the Children. Therefore, it shares its ideas, expertise, knowledge, and time and operates in tandem with its clients and staff to create new ideas that influence the world and change the industry for the better. Lead8 actively supports a culture where success grows the personal and professional growth of the team. In this manner, its staff’s success is its success, and it uses mentorship, encouragement, and upskilling in order to ensure they can always reach their next career milestone. This exemplary team allowed it to keep pushing through the challenges of Covid-19 such as travel restrictions, ensuring that its studios that could remain open did so safely, and incorporating the necessary procedures to keep its team safe. Critically, as an art and medium, architecture is becoming a cornerstone in reimagining the future of the world, and will play a huge part in what that future eventually looks like; Lead8 looks forward to being a part of that, keeping an eye on its carbon footprint and pushing forward to new projects in the Middle East, UK, Australia, and China. Company: Lead8 Contact: Christine Hau Website: