Design & Build 2021

36 BUILD Design & Build 2021 48 Q3 2021 Apr21454 Creating Space for Personality A company focusing on bringing happiness, positivity, and life to its clients with the brilliance of the spaces it creates, ZTWLAB has made itself the ‘Leading Interior Design Studio’ in Hong Kong for 2021. With brilliant project management, a way of working that puts the client first, and a dedication to creating unique spaces that flawlessly fit a client and their lifestyle, the most important thing to this studio’s work is the passion behind it. ounded by exemplary minds Zac Wong and Tim Wong, ZTWLAB is a Hong Kong based interior design and building company working on premium and innovative designs, constructions that make the impossible a reality, and bring its clients visions to life. Zac, the Design Director, applies to ZTWLAB’s work the knowledge he earned during his time earning his first-class honours degree from Birmingham City University’s Department of Interior Design. Similarly, Tim – ZTWLAB’s Project Director – has a knowledge base of past work in the industry through his 18 years of large project management expertise. ZTWLAB has for this reason been fundamentally built up from the understanding that in order to achieve an exemplary, innovative, unique project, one must have the operations to back it up; large scale project management involves strict requirements regarding engineering construction and design quality control. Therefore, this business has made itself a front runner in ensuring both of these things remain true and consistent for its clients. Fundamentally, it wishes to apply the best talent and the best management principles to maximise the effectiveness of the design, pulling together properties where every element works together to guide the eye, and forging the core principles that have gained it recognition amongst the market segment of interior design in Hong Kong. This target market is predominantly mid-to-high-end customer groups – a small yet incredibly lucrative pool – wherein word about good quality work and the people behind it travels fast. In this manner, ZTWLAB has been able to garner notoriety through word-of-mouth referrals and positive client reviews, working to create incredibly specific spaces with individuality that fit even the most challenging briefs perfectly. It does this through in-depth consultations that truly cut to the heart of the client’s wants and needs, before moving onto a preliminary concept design proposal, analysis of the details, and a negotiation of both the plan and pricing to allow ZTWLAB to work to the client’s budget. Additionally, in order to work with such brilliance, it has internalised a few core principles as the core of its operation. All in all, its passion stems from its zest for life, design, and engineering, mingling the three in order to create spaces that mirror the client across all three concepts and allow them to live their lives to the fullest. In this way it can also ensure that each F person working on a build is on the same page; each individual will be very familiar with the brief before work begins, making sure there is a synergy between each team that will allow each of the individual parts to come together seamlessly and elegantly in the final design. Therefore, ZTWLAB prizes respect and harmony, bringing together the different perspectives of its diverse and exemplary team to create the best builds. Even throughout the challenges of Covid-19, this remained a constant, with each team member banding together more than ever to ensure high quality and working with clients around any potential hurdles that arise during a project. It is this diligence, tenacity, and dedication that allowed ZTWLAB to pull through. Leaving the difficulties of the past year in the past, however, it is now excited to move forward towards the future, facilitating the integration of different, high quality concepts into its work and looking forward to helping shape the future of its sector. Company: ZTWLAB Contact: Zac Wong Website: