Design & Build 2021

BUILD Design & Build 2021 22 8 Q4 2021 Oct21168 Advanced Spaces for Excellent Living Working with housing associations and authorities, ModPods International Ltd produces houses that appeal to the senses whilst also focusing on the practical, for a more inclusive future. With a shortage in living spaces and materials, it has been a tough year for construction companies. However, ModPods has recently won Leaders in Manufacturing Modular Housing Pods, 2021 - The United Kingdom. Here we look at what it contributes to the housing market, despite the shortages and challenges it has faced. stablished in 2017, ModPods International Ltd is a leading house manufacturer in the UK. Working with Birmingham City Council, ModPods creates housing that abides by the Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS). Its expansive range of well-designed, necessary dwellings please its clients as well as provide a living space that really makes a difference to the way we see housing. With its contemporary designs and fresh outlook, ModPods presents inventive and defined, advanced buildings for a more sustainable future. According to the UK Government, NDSS spaces must be comfortable, energy efficient, and meet building control standards. ModPods meets and exceeds these building standards as it creates only the best living spaces through its work with local authorities across Nuneaton, Bedworth, Broadlands Housing in Norwich, and the Royal Borough of Greenwich in London. By working with local authorities, ModPods is able to deliver innovative and exceptional buildings that are fit for living to the places that need them most. It provides creative spaces and, importantly, eases the housing crisis in the UK. Above all else, however, ModPods exceeds expectations and creates more than just liveable spaces. Formed in order to ease the housing crisis in the UK, ModPods caters to the demographic needs for social housing. As its client base is predominantly made up of - but is not limited to - local housing authorities and registered social housing suppliers, ModPods provides quality units that cater to all the living space needs of its target audience. Delivering an average of 21-week construction processes, ModPods severely reduces the waiting time for such living spaces, in comparison to other construction companies. By shaving off a good amount of time, whilst exceeding standards, ModPods has a brilliant unique selling point that beats its rivals every time. ModPods has a diverse, motivated team that is determined to create the best modular living spaces for its clients. And indeed, E it is certainly making an impression on the industry, beginning with its position as a finalist in the Offsite Award ‘Social Housing of The Year’ category, to its most recent success at the 2021 Design and Build Awards as the Leaders in Manufacturing Modular Housing Pods, 2021 – The United Kingdom. Not only are these buildings maintainable, but they are also affordable and highly desirable. With their fully insulated, fire regulation and SAP compliancy, ModPods formulates housing that promotes good health and safety for its inhabitants. Built for comfort, ease and security, ModPods creations are both advanced and operational for accessibility and luxury. As the industry faces many challenges due to the global pandemic, with shortages of materials and individuals not able to work, ModPods has demonstrated its versatility and effectivity in providing solutions in the face of adversity. For instance, the firm has altered its consultation operation and moved to a more online presence with the means of Zoom and Teams as communication tools, so that it can still progress in its design plans. Continuing its plan for growth, ModPods is shaping the future of spacious, safe, and overall exceptional dwellings for a wide variety of customers across the UK. For a sustainable, ambitious, and successful endeavours, ModPods provides the answers. Contact: Jonathan Roscoe Company: ModPods International Ltd Web Address: