Design & Build 2021

13 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 7 Q1 2 I Innovation in Power Tool Creation iQ Power Tools, a company with a staunch ‘get stuff done’ attitude and a family-run internal structure, has dedicated itself firmly to ensuring that the professionals in its industry have access to the best, safest, and most efficient tools. Critically, after serving in the masonry and contracting industry for a long span of time itself, its founders heard their calling in helping its fellow professionals to fight the war on dust, creating power tools that minimise the amount of detritus flung up during use. Its hard work to this end is what has earned it the award for the ‘Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Concrete and Masonry Power Tools’ in 2021 for California. ince its inception, iQ Power Tools has been designing, developing, and manufacturing powers tools with integrated dust collection in order to allow its clients a cleaner and less time-consuming experience. Eliminating water and silica dust both from the workstations of its customers, it saves time and money, and having been made for – and by – contactors, iQ Power Tools dedicates itself to ensuring the health and safety of its industry’s professionals. This is reflected in the decades of experience that go into each and every one of its products. Fundamentally, it began its work in building power tools when it realised how much of a hindrance to work standard power tools could actually be, taking on the critiques and comments of the contractors it surrounded itself with in order to build tough and clean power tools that don’t add to the dust problem. Today, iQ Power Tools has a reputation for the creation of incredibly user intuitive power tools that cut clearly and efficiently through materials with very little outstanding residue, inviting fellow contractors to begin working ‘cleaner, smarter, and safer.’ It has also continued this legacy of listening to contractors at every turn. Whilst this ‘war on dust’ is what began its journey into creating clean and dust fallout minimising power tools, that is not the be all and end all of its innovations. Critically, this company is a forward-thinking one led by some of the most leading minds in the construction industry, becoming widely known as the masonry contractors who became manufacturers out of a desire to see better products available to its fellow professionals. Its tools include tile focused tools, masonry and hardscape tools, dust extraction specific solutions, and industrial power tools, as well as individually sold blades. Additionally, each item available through its store falls into its mission of challenging the impossible and rethinking the possible, inspiring the next generations of contractors to continually push for better working conditions and the best working equipment that will allow them to do their best work. In short, it wishes to foster an attitude of comfort when it comes to demanding safety and efficiency from their tools; after all, this shouldn’t be such a hard thing to find. S Nov21407 Its brand, in essence, is also its promise in this way. Whenever a customer buys an iQ Power Tools machine from it, they are also entering into a promise that they will benefit from high quality, innovative, and game changing technology, technology that has been created by friendly and enthusiastic people who will be willing to give further help should the customer need it. Every tool it stocks was created because a contractor expressed a wish for something like it to be available, and so every time something new is added to the line-up, clients can be sure that it has been created with the professional’s safety, comfort, and job in mind. Company: iQ Power Tools Contact: Sarah Williams Website: