Design & Build 2021

11 Design & Build 2021 BUILD 20 BUILD Q1 2022 Nov21813 Illustrious Spaces to Stand the Test of Time With many years of experience, Jon Rentfrow and his company Rentfrow Design LLC can provide a complete design package for any home, no matter how large or small it may be. As Rentfrow Design LLC wins Ones to Watch in Residential Design 2022 – Colorado, we find out more about the firm and its unique philosophy from Jon in the wake of it being recognised by BUILD magazine as an up and coming star. stablished by Jon Rentfrow in 1995, Rentfrow Design LLC was founded in order for Jon to follow his passion for architecture and he has strived to develop a company that focuses on maintaining long- term relationships with clients. At Rentfrow Design, the philosophy is ‘to create homes for the way your family lives’ with a focus very much on how a family utilises any given space, be it how many cooks are present at any one time in the kitchen, to how a family goes about doing their laundry, or even where they choose to put their Christmas tree each year! Jon enjoys asking the ‘why?’ questions and firmly believes it helps to ensure that the home fits the family. “We are not only looking at the design, but also the function of the space,” he states. “Traffic flow, possible furniture layouts, and physical space limitations are just some of the concepts that are evaluated when creating a floor plan.” Jon believes that building a strong client relationship begins with satisfying the customer with a design that meets their unique desires and personal lifestyles and, as a nationally recognised award-winning designer, he has many qualifications that reflect his dedication and passion, including being a E Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD) and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University in 1994. “As a small residential design firm we do everything from small remodels locally to large custom homes all over the United States,” Jon explains further, specifying that the company serves all kinds of clients, regardless of the project size or budget. “We are focused on helping create homes for the way our clients truly live. Truly elevating every space that Rentfrow touches, Jon tells us, “Our uniqueness within the industry is the desire to really listen to what our clients want but to dig deeply into why they want it, how they will use, how many of the family members will use it, etc.” Jon runs a relaxed business with a casual internal environment alongside a team of designers that enjoy working on all types of projects all over the country. Being a bijous company with a close-knit team means that multi-tasking is essential, however Jon’s refreshing attitude means that as long as the project is done on time and on budget, his employees may manage their workload as they wish. Due to everyone being based remotely meant that the Covid-19 pandemic had very little impact on Rentfrow Design with the biggest challenge instead that Rentfrow faces being the amount and cost of the available building land in Northern Colorado. Despite this limiting factor, Jon and the team were delighted to be recognised as Ones to Watch in Residential Design 2022 – Colorado in the recent BUILD magazine awards, and Jon intends to continue his good work by providing unique spaces for more liveable homes. “Above all, we strive to offer quality, creative designs that are unique to your family’s lifestyle. What’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is a building. Your home is where your family spends it’s time and lives,” Jon adds, summarising Rentfrew’s ethos. With an immense upward trajectory, Rentfrow Design is always moving on to bigger and better projects for an incredible and promising future. Contact: Jon Rentfrow Company: Rentfrow Design, LLC Web Address: