Design & Build 2020

71 Design and Build 2020 BUILD Dec19103 Q2 13 Dec19103 Let There Be Light Light plays a major part in the success of a space. It can change the smallest room into an expanse of space to be explored. Providing businesses with lighting solutions catered to their needs, Root3 Lighting Ltd offers a modern approach to an age-old problem. Following its success in the Design and Build Awards, winning Leading Specialists in Lighting Integration Services 2020 – UK, we profile the company to find out more. pecialising in low energy LED lighting, Root3 has always aimed to achieve a reduction in energy, an improvement in lighting and an improvement in a space’s aesthetics. The talented team are keen to share their formidable expertise, with intimate knowledge of LED products that’ll suit any environment. Whether it’s low glare LED panels above an office work station or a pivot linear LED high bay for warehouse aisle racking, Root3 prides itself on finding the system that works for its client. Buying directly from the best lighting companies in the UK, specifying all the components needed, Root3 are confident of high-quality light fittings that are built to last. The company treats every client as an individual, and to find the solution that bests them will conduct a full audit of the existing system. This generates important data on the costs, savings and returns on investment of any proposed solutions. Following the design of the new lighting system, the extra benefits of adding daylight harvesting or presence detection into the project are calculated. An essential part of these projects is the decision regarding emergency lighting. Almost a natural extension to the original intention, allowing Root3 to investigate the state of a business’ S existing arrangement not only gives peace of mind but ensures compliance with current regulations. Supplying this aspect can take the form of increasing, relocating, upgrading or installing an entirely new system. As the importance of lighting gains traction amongst businesses who wish to increase energy savings, the need for a range of different lighting controls depends on the specific need and requirement of the business. These include Local control, Central control and Smart lighting control. Root3’s IOT based lighting control system can also be deployed, both as a full new system into a building or retro fitted into an existing lighting control system. The cost savings from these controls will lead to a short return on investment. Every aspect of Root3 is equipped to provide excellent customer service to its clients. The importance of communication throughout is not only key to success but comes part and parcel of any interaction with Root3. Project managers and clients can be sure of a good experience throughout, thanks to a talented team and high-quality fittings. Root3 has an impressive safety record which it credits to a program that is meticulously planned, regularly audited and staffed by highly skilled electrical installers. Root3 serve a range of clients from private commercial entities to public organisations. Each varies from small supply-only orders to full turn-key design and installation projects. The education sector has provided a lot of work for Root3. This has allowed the company to build up a detailed awareness of the effect LED lighting can have on the look of a school, the experience of working in one and how good lighting can improve a child’s ability to lead. Currently, the team is upgrading the lighting in all UK Aviva sites to LED, a project that has been ongoing for the last three years. Work is carried out overnight to give staff minimal disruption. The positive work completed so far is set to give the firm another contract to upgrade their carpark lighting. For some, lighting is a complex matter to be ignored as much as possible. Finding the right solution can, however, have the most amazing effect on a business, its workforce and its profitability. No one knows this better than the team at Root3, which is why they strive for excellence with each and every project. Company: Root3 Lighting Ltd Contact: Chris McCormick Website: