Design & Build 2020

7 Design and Build 2020 BUILD Jan20312 BUILD Q4 2020 14 Jan20312 Innovative Ideas for Structural Solutions Having achieved success in this year’s Design and Build Awards, the team at DeSimone Consulting Engineers have a lot to celebrate. Their hard work has seen them recognised as 2020’s Most Innovative International Structural Engineers. Since 1969, the firm has supported projects across the world with simple intention of creating a better-built environment. We profile the firm in the light of its impressive accomplishment. ll projects face challenges, especially those that require a bespoke solution to be brought to life. DeSimone Consulting Engineers are the ideal candidates to bring a project into reality, drawing on years of expertise and an eye for innovation. The firm specializes in the delivery of high-quality structural engineering, facade consulting, and forensic services, as well as risk management and construction claims consulting for all types of buildings. This allows the team to work on a variety of exciting projects, pushing for the highest standards in every respect. One of the keystones in the team’s approach is the delivery of solutions that are perfectly matched to a specific project. Providing this high level of service is not an easy task, which is why many turn to DeSimone Consulting Engineers as their preferred supplier. Each client is guaranteed a personal and committed approach to their project from the firm, allowing them to stand out in the industry. Despite having headquarters in New York City, the team have delivered their services all over the world. The success of the company is best shown by the offices it has been able to establish around the world. With teams in the United States, United Kingdom, South America and the Middle East, DeSimone Consulting Engineers is perfectly placed to play a part in some of the most exciting and fastest developing regions in the world. The prolific nature of the business is such that the team have designed over 10,000 projects, spread over 44 states and 54 countries. They developed an impressive portfolio that showcases the range of what is on offer to those who wish to use their services. They have designed projects that truly traverse the spectrum of design. Included in their ever- expanding portfolio are landmarks in a number of major in cities in the UAE such as the Emirates Pearl in Abu Dhabi, Hilal Bank (Al Mariah Tower) in Abu Dhabi and Wasl Tower in Dubai. The team’s concept for the Wasl Tower in Dubai showing what a modern skyscraper should look like, retaining the architect’s clean lines and sophisticated elegance. This design is at total odds with their renovation and expansion of the Sea Island A Resort in Georgia. This saw many aspects of the resort being expanded, as well as the transformation of a theatre space into a pub and restaurant. Much of the team’s work is done with collaboration, and clients have come to realize that when they work alongside DeSimone Consulting Engineers, they are working with some of the best in the business. With over fifty years of experience as a firm and an approach that embraces the latest in cutting edge technology, any project can be brought to life. While the company has a long heritage, it is a history that values moving forward to use new techniques. Much of the firm’s work is deliberately process-driven, with the team benefitting from open office spaces and a collaborative approach not only with clients but with each other. The best idea always wins, and the team are always looking to make the most of the strengths of a large team. At the heart of DeSimone Consulting Engineers is the need to solve any engineering problem that a client might have. The team have taken great pains to ensure that their approach encompasses all the needs of any potential project. It’s what keeps them in such high demand, and will keep them busy for years to come. Company: DeSimone Consulting Engineers Contact: Ahmed Osman, [email protected] Web Address: