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59 Design and Build 2020 BUILD Nov19208 BUILD Q2 2020 6 Nov19208 ounded over 45 years ago in Vila-real, in Castellón, Spain, PORCELANOSA Group is now a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of interior design furniture. As part of its global leadership, the firm is present in more than 150 countries. Largely thanks to its own unique business model, the firm’s success first began with ceramic tiles in the mid-1970s and has since expanded to include items such as mosaics, bathroom furniture, sanitary wares, kitchen furniture, façades, and building solution products. Whilst the firm’s offerings may have changed and evolved over the years, one thing certainly has not; an uncompromising stance on delivering the highest quality. Since the firm’s beginning, quality has been at the centre of everything. Every single tile is made with the same attention to detail as the very first one, to ensure clients only get the best. The team at PORCELANOSA Group also strive to position themselves as industry leaders through cutting-edge designs of matchless refinement and elegance, technologically-superior products, and dependable service for clients. It is this commit- ment to unparalleled innovation, quality and service that has not only seen the firm survive for the last 45 years but thrive with great success. Elegant and sophisticated, clients can have products that help create truly luxurious spaces which exude class. The selection of wall tiles for example can come in white, grey, black, brown or beige, and be fitted in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. There is a myriad of different aspects as well, including wood effect tiles, metal effect tiles, marble effect tiles, monochrome effect tiles, and many more. Sleek and smooth, each product contributes to an undeniable feeling of high-end luxury within a home space. With so many different options to combine togeth- er, the possibilities for deluxe living are plentiful indeed. The firm has rapidly grown to become the go-to choice for homeowners, builders, architects and designers; a position it has retained to this day. Boasting a workforce of almost five thousand skilled professionals, PORCELANOSA Group has Ceramics Sealing Success What began with the exclusive production of ceramic tiles has since evolved to become a worldwide group of companies offering a range of interior furnishing products. The range includes lifestyle, kitchen, and bathroom equipment, as well as advanced building solutions for contemporary architecture. To discover more about PORCELANOSA Group and how it has become the UK’s best ceramic interior products manufacturer for 2020, we profiled the firm. F helped produce, market and deliver its products to an extensive network of showrooms, centres, and independent retailers and distributors. Alongside the 400 network of recipients the com- pany ship to, it also works with many respected architects and designers from all over the world. As part of the company being based in the United Kingdom, PORCELANOSA Group offers its retail clients no fewer than 22 showrooms up and down the country. Each one is decorated to enable customers the ability to envision products in their own homes. Once the customer’s attention has been grabbed, experienced sales staff and teams of designers are on hand to answer questions and draw up new ideas, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they want from a PORCELANOSA Group product. Sustainability continues to be a key word for businesses in the world today, and firms are on the lookout for more ways to be environmentally conscious with their energy usage. For the team at PORCELANOSA Group, conserving and caring for the environment has always been a core concern. For more than 30 years, the firm has continued to implement and improve its ecologically friendly production systems, aimed at reducing the impact on the environment. However, the vision goes well beyond simply optimising production systems. Clients can also help protect the planet as certain products have been designed to reduce water and energy consumption in the home, such as taps which limit water flow. Expertly blending environmental sustainability with residential luxury, PORCELANOSA Group continue to show that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Delivering the finest inte- rior ceramic products to clients in the United Kingdom and well beyond, the next decade is set to bring yet another ten years of the firm’s remarkable ongoing success. Contact: Nicola Tresadern, UK Marketing Manager Website: