Design & Build 2020

17 Design and Build 2020 BUILD Mar20382 32 BUILD Q4 2020 Nov19152 ased in Surrey and London, the team at MF Design Studio have made their name in exceptional design work. Taking a boutique approach, clients turn to the firm when they need high-quality interior architecture and design that will set them apart from the competition. MF Design Studio has a passion for humancentric design, and every space that the firm works on is designed with people at its heart. Some would consider the aesthetics the primary mo- tivation, but the team at MF Design Studio use their strong tech- nical background to ensure that every decision has a practical point. The result is designs that are effortlessly timeless, and spaces that are instantly iconic. Many clients from different backgrounds have turned to MF Design Studio for assistance with regards to interior architecture and design, workplace strategy and space analysis services to the commercial sector; from corporate workplace and commer- cial offices to the leisure industry and wayfinding. The team work alongside their clients to discover not only what they want from a space, but to explore how best to achieve it. Aligning themselves to the client is crucial to the team, and as a boutique design practice MF Design Studio allows each client to be treat- ed with a great deal of care and attention to ensure that their values, identity and brand are reflected in the final product. Each project goes through many design stages, developing through quality design work and attention to detail until it becomes a living space which people are able to interact with. MF Design Studio stand by their clients at every stage from brief until completion, ensuring that they are satisfied with the decisions made and the design ideas proposed. At MF Design Studio, all projects begin with the initial brief, where the objectives are decided, along with the project’s aspirations, sustainability outcomes and budget. This allows the team to move quickly onto the conception of a space, using space plans, mood boards, finishes boards and computer-gen- erated images to present a full design solution that fulfils the brief and exceeds client expectations. One of the most exciting features of MF Design Studio is the team’s ability to handle all of the design work in-house. Tech- nical features, such as technical drawings, furniture specifica- tions, FF&E can be worked out by the team. This means that clients have a consistent vision throughout the process that can be brought to life by contractors. Of course, the team will stay Timeless Design The design of the workplace has a major impact on productivity and wellbeing. Creating an environment where people feel happy and comfortable not only boosts productivity but also reduces stress in the workplace. Few understand this better than the team at MF Design Studio, who have worked on impressive solutions for global brands and clients. With success in the Design and Build Awards 2020, We take a closer look to see what makes MF Design Studio One to Watch In the United Kingdom. B on hand through the construction process all the way through the final handover to ensure that no problems arise, and everything is completed up to the cleint’s aspirations. MF Design Studio has achieved a great deal over the years and won multiple awards, working with a number of high-profile clients. Natixis Global Asset Management, Clive Christian, La Prairie, Slack, L’Oreal, Lebara, Medecins Sans Frontier, Nikon, Tivo, Citrix, and Mattos Filho to name but a few have used the services of the MF Design Studio team, not to mention public sector clients like the Office of Rail and Road and Network Rail. These projects have made an extraordinary difference to those who now work in these spaces. MF Design Studio provides an exciting space for those wanting a new space that enhances the user experience and will remain relevant for years to come. Good design never ages, it simply becomes more timeless, and that is exactly what the intention is at MF Design Studio. Company: MF Design Studio Contact: May Fawzy Web Address: