Design & Build 2020

13 Design and Build 2020 BUILD Feb20018 Q2 I 9 Feb20018 hrough top-notch client service, vast experience, and cutting-edge design, V Architecture has been delivering innovative design concepts for the past 40 years, and has a portfolio spanning more than a hundred designed or finished projects. Some of their most notable works include projects in Hospitality, Commercial, Corporate, Institutional, Public Spaces and Urban Planning. One of their most recent high-profile projects is the new El Distrito San Juan development, the island’s new premier entertainment destination at the Puerto Rico Convention District. The project consists of a performance venue for 6,000 patrons, and more than 62,000 sqft of other entertainment spaces, 8 VIP movie cinemas, and a 50,000 sqft plaza that features 14,000 sqft of digital displays, including the largest horizontal display in the US. Additionally, the complex features the highly anticipated Aloft San Juan, a 177-room hotel with unique amenities and breathtaking aesthetics. “Aloft at El Distrito is truly a one-of-a-kind hospitality project; we are extremely excited to offer its unique architectural features to a sophisticated audience,” explained Ilia Ríos, Principal at V Architecture. The hotel integrates perfectly with the entertainment spaces and offers guests a unique urban hotel experience, adjacent to the bustling Time Square-esque atmosphere of the complex. With its fresh design, the proposed Aloft hotel offers quiet relaxation spaces and a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the Convention Center building and district grounds. Of course, this is not the firm’s first rodeo. V Architecture has become a staple among local industry leaders and an advocate for style, function, and sustainability through innovative technology, efficient collaboration, and forward-thinking design. V Architecture was founded 40 years ago as Jiménez + Rodríguez Barceló, thanks to the bold vision of its founding partners Ricardo Jiménez and José Rodríguez Barceló. The namesake duo was a big part of some of the most significant local ventures in hospitality, commercial projects, and the world-famous Puerto Rico Convention Center. “It’s extremely exciting to have been a part of the Convention Center - a giant leap in the development of Puerto Rico and its tourism - and to now celebrate its 15 years with the Distrito San Juan grand opening,” explains Ríos. She is now at the helm of the firm and continues to push forward with the same energy and core values as the firm in its origins. “I have the unique responsibility of representing a new generation that is committed to furthering V Architecture’s sophisticated perspective, while growing alongside our clients in a fast-paced industry. Then and now more than ever, the firm is driven by a mission of innovation, versatility, and value, providing unparalleled service to clients across a wide array of industries.” 40 Years of Innovative Vision Centrally located in San Juan, V Architecture has become one of Puerto Rico’s foremost architecture, urban planning, and design firms. We sat down with President and Principal Architect, Ilia Rios, who tells us more. T At V Architecture, the human factor of vision and architecture is an integral element necessary for conceiving, designing, and building a successful project. Their growing, multi-disciplinary team is composed of talented designers, managers and professionals who bring experience, passion, and a high standard of excellence to every project. This allows the firm to offer pragmatic design solutions and integrated project management. V Architecture prides itself on proven project management and clear communication from the conceptual design phase through construction administration. Aside from impressive design skills and managerial know-how, V Architecture’s culture is unmistakably family-oriented and driven by unparalleled service to our clients. “At V Architecture, we believe that our success is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of an experienced, highly skilled team. We work together and tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction, and our synergy is the source of smooth, flawless work.” Although Puerto Rico has made headlines with the natural disasters, political turmoil, and economic constraints in the past years, V Architecture has been consistently set apart by an unshakeable sense of resilience and adaptability, and has stood tall in the face of adversity. “Just like our buildings and structure concepts, we too are shaped, reimagined and strengthened by these challenges, while adding to an impressive body of work. 2020 marks the 40 th anniversary of our firm, as well as a new chapter in our pursuit of innovation, specialization, and growth. As we venture into bigger, more ambitious projects, we feel optimistic about the future, our partnerships and our tools to continue to grow,” added Ríos. For V Architecture, the future is promising and their optimism pushes the hearts and minds of their talented staff to create bigger and better projects, truly attesting that ‘V is for Vision.’