Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

59 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 58 riginally specialising in commercial and domestic heating, Orion were founded in 1998 by Simon Heller. Since then due to client demand and a growing reputation, Orion have expanded their services across a wider range. To begin with, Scarlett provides us with a brief overview and offers more insight into some of the firm’s specialisms. “As you might expect, our experienced and approachable management team work alongside our skilled and qualified engineers to ensure that all of our projects are delivered to the highest standards of completion. By clearly understanding the needs of our customers, we create cost efficient, well planned, and effectively delivered solutions. The amount of recommendations and long-term customers is proof of our quality, honesty, and approachability we bring to each and every project. “Since we took the decision to expand our offerings, we are now able to assist clients in heating & ventilation, electrical services, plumbing, air conditioning, water hygiene and mechanical refurbishments.” With any project Orion undertake, the business has an environment friendly approach which as Scarlett goes on to explain, not only ensures tenants are happy with projects but it also ensures of an environment’s happiness. “By monitoring our environmental impacts and improving the efficiency of our processes, we aim to continually improve our environmental performance. Reducing the operational carbon and cost of operating the site also means we are lowering emissions and waste. In addition to our environmental ethos, we are committed to tenant welfare and as such we always ensure tenants have heating and hot water at all times.” From the outset Orion have worked with honesty and professionalism, and as Scarlett goes on to explain, its these attributes which have seen the firm become a respected leader in building services and engineering across the South East. “The business believe honesty, expertise and reputation for getting a good job done represent its strongest attributes. Customer feedback and consistent levels of recommendation further reflect this belief. “To provide total peace of mind for our customers, we offer a fully traceable and trackable auditing trail, testing and maintenance plan, along with our HSE approved system. Your data and information should be available easily and quickly when you need it. Moreover, you also need the knowledge that Best Building Services Engineering Firm 2020 - South East England With an excellent industry reputation, gained over twenty years, Orion lead the way in the delivery of building engineering and support services across South East England. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Scarlett Cruger to find out more. O Oct20047 our time and visits are planned when required, ensuring your building services are managed to the very highest standards. “With a customer base that almost universally praises Orion for delivering quality, reliability, and value for money across their core building engineering services for commercial and public sector customers, Orion’s added value is the expertise they offer to those seeking to resolve specialist issues outside of their standard service requirements.” Orion’s environment friendly approach was evident in one of its most recent projects (Pitt Court in Stevenage), as Scarlett explains further. “The install included a combination of air sourced heat pumps and condensing boilers for the heating and a gas fired domestic hot water boiler. This was a 16-week programme and unfortunately as lockdown occurred, we were unable to work on site as the building was occupied with elderly tenants. During this period, we kept our mobile plant room on site which allowed heating and hot water to continue. On our return to site, Orion revised all of our risk assessments and method statements to include COVID-19 government guidelines. “Part of the project was to renew heating, hot water, and main cold-water pipe work throughout the building up to the entrance of each flat. The pipework was a mixture of copper and steel and the system we used was Viega Megapress, therefore it eliminated the need for hot works certificates. “For the hot water, we installed a condensing direct fired water heater manufactured by Andrews. Two Hoval condensing boilers were further installed for the heating system along with three air sourced heat pumps. Finally, to control the heating and hot water we installed a BMS therefore allowing our clients to manage it remotely.” Finally, as we look ahead to the future, Scarlett shares one or two plans the firm have in place for 2021 and beyond. “Naturally, our plan is to grow the business and develop our departments while applying for more contracts. In addition, we are moving office within the next three months for more space, taking on more staff and working closely with our bid writers to tender for more contracts.” Company: Orion Building Engineering Services Ltd Contact: Scarlett Cruger Web Address: Best Bespoke Tile & Surface Design Company 2020 - South Africa & BUILD Eco Award for Sustainable Design 2020 ounded in 2015, as a young team of designers and creatives with keen and trained eyes for design and engineering, Wolkberg Casting are collaborators who constantly think outside of the box. To start, Ramielle gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into the client base it serves. “As a company, we offer industrial design, product design, interior design and manufacturing services. With a standard range of surfaces used for counter tops, furniture, restaurants, and bars, our products have a very aesthetic look, which we call Dimensions and we have become well known for this. “Typically, our products are used by some of the most prestigious interior designers and architectural firms, and in particular they feature in the Gorgeous George Hotel in Cape Town. Shipping our products was a scary thought initially, however we are really glad that we took this step as some of our products can be seen in Nandos stores and Google head offices globally.” Prior to undertaking any new project, the team focus on collaboration with the specifier who is so often the architect or interior designer. Moreover, as Ramielle goes on to explain, implementing this kind of approach has resulted in the completion of many successful projects. “Through collaboration, we take a brief and turn it into products. Naturally, we always use images and references as inspiration, and we design a brand new Wolkberg product every time. When it comes to new product design, we take the time to pay attention to the details, usability, fit, form, function, price, sustainability, and longevity. By following our design process that usually starts with the initial client meeting, everyone should be reading from the same page. From there, we then go into incubation and brainstorm the ideas internally as a team so we can meet the client again and narrow it down before proceeding to the cost of the project itself. Once the order is confirmed by paying a deposit, the product development starts which is a six to eight-week period for a tile and can be longer depending on what product it is and at what volumes.” The industry of tile and surface design can be an extremely competitive one to operate in, however as Ramielle explains further, innovation has been a key factor behind Wolkberg Casting remaining at the forefront of the industry. “Innovation Limesite is a high-performing concrete, which spent three years in R&D. Originally, we set out to create a pre-cast concrete countertop that was above all other concrete countertops in the market. Through the R&D phase we realised that we could and should push the limits beyond what we originally planned on doing. Of course, this was exciting, however we were fully aware that taking an innovation to the market is no easy task. With a strategic marketing approach, targeting the early adopters in our case, we knew they would be our tribe and if we could get them excited and see the potential in this innovation it will then diffuse to the large markets as we progress. Limesite is so versatile and easily mouldable, allowing us to cast various different shapes and in different colours. “Offering a bespoke design and manufacturing service, we believe our strong brand identity is also another reason why people want to work with us. Interior designers and architects want to offer the very best products and services and according to our clients, we play our part in that by making dreams come true.” Bringing the interview to a close, Ramielle signs off by revealing the future prospects of the business and shares one or two plans moving forward. “COVID-19 has hit this sector hard, however we are all hopeful things will turnaround and we truly believe everything happens for a reason. In spite of the pandemic, we were still able to focus on the larger corporates who still had money to spend. “In 2021, we aim to become water positive and we will be applying for our green building ratings as we work towards our net zero goals. Currently, we have an 81% recycled material and 100% South African product range, and we want to expand on our green product offerings in the future. From the outset, we wanted to create a legacy that we can be proud of and that our people can be proud to call a South African product. Looking back, I think we have achieved our goal.” Company: Wolkberg Casting Studios Contact: Ramielle de Jager Web Address: F Wolkberg Casting Studios is an innovative Industrial Design and manufacturing company based in Ruimsig, South Africa. Following their success in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2020, we got in touch with Ramielle de Jager to find out more. Sep20651