2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 95 omma is an innovative company that develops intelligent control systems for buildings and yachts, based on a unique protocol. All of the firm’s solutions are low voltage DC/Power over ethernet powered. The system contains entry, light, window treatment control in a very intelligent and secure way. Beside all other control, audio and intercom are integrated into the system to ensure security and reliability for the client. Based on CAT-5, the firm’s solutions are unique to the market as they do not contain any other cable, unlike many of Comma’s competitors’ solutions. These cutting-edge solutions are provided to a wide range of clients, and to ensure quality and ease-of-installation Comma facilitates the architect and end user direct in order to make sure the project will result in a unique and luxury experience. From the beginning of the project to the final delivery of the project Comma support the architect in communication and design of the system, accompanying the electrical engineers to ensure a perfect experience when it comes to end user level. The firm’s experienced support team configures the complete project in close cooperation with the end users so that the architect and electrical engineering team could concentrate on their role in driving the project to a satisfactory conclusion every time. This approach helps the firm to ensure everyone it works with, on any project, enjoys both a unique solution and exceptional support and service. When they first undertake a project, the Comma team work hard to understand the client’s individual needs and ensure that these can be integrated into their system. Powered by the ethernet and sensor based, the solution only needs one cable and is easy to install and use. C Throughout the project, Comma’s sales dept, production and installation team work together like the automotive industry: when the project starts all design and installation drawings are ready and time lines for production etc are determined. As soon as the building process is ready and electrical wiring is finished, the firm’s team visits the construction side, installing and mounting all devices. Configuration is quick and efficient, minimising downtime for the developer and ensuring that their solution is up and running as soon as possible. Each Comma system is an integrated solution with the most used protocols in building control included. The system is rock- solid and extremely reliable with a very simple user interface, offering quality and ease-of-use for every client. It is this focus on quality and innovation that sets the firm apart from its competitors and offers the best option for any developer, architect or housing provider seeking a reliable intelligent control system. Ultimately, Comma’s vision into the future is sensor based, but also environmentally friendly systems. The firm’s HybridHouse technology is a small step towards this future, and as such this latest development will be its core focus as Comma looks towards a bright future filled with exciting new opportunities for further growth. Best Intelligent Control System Developer 2019 - Netherlands Working to offer on-trend, cutting-edge intelligent control solutions, Comma Industriez B.V. creates unique systems that are secure, intuitive and innovative. As we showcase some of this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards winners, we offer an insight into the firm’s creative solutions and how these have helped drive it to win one of these prestigious accolades. Company: Comma Industriez B.V. Name: Daniël R. Geertsema Address: Kweekgrasstraat 30, 1313 BX Almere, the Netherlands Telephone Number: +31367606888 Web Address: www.commaindustriez.com