2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

90 BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards riginally founded in 1989 as Damyanov-Martinov Clima, Damvent has since flourished to become The Technological Leader in the fresh air treatment market. Deyan begins by exploring how far the company has come since the beginning to drive real change within this space. “Initially, when Damvent first began we created our own niche in the fresh air treatment market: ventilation designed for all EU regions and world climate limits (-30 to +50oC). We worked hard to educate each market we moved into, offering them the knowledge and understanding of why our solutions were important and the benefits they could offer. We are now proud to create unique hybrid solutions that are ahead of emerging market developments such as the Internet of Things and automated technologies. These solutions can improve air quality and reduce energy for a variety of homes and businesses.” O Best Air Treatment Systems Supplier - UK With almost 30 years’ experience creating unique air treatment technology, Damvent is able to partner with local industry experts from around the world to supply cutting-edge air ventilation solutions. As he celebrates the firm’s success in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards Deyan Damyanov shares a unique overview of the company and the game-changing solutions it provides. “In many countries it can be a challenge to educate clients and industry partners on the benefits of our technology and the difference between air ventilation solutions and air conditioning/heating products. The UK market is very receptive to our products and we hope to be able to share them with an even wider range of clients in the region moving forward.” Over the years, Damvent’s success has been driven by the firm’s unique approach to creating and marketing its innovative solutions, as Deyan is keen to showcase. “Here at Damvent, we offer an innovative solution to developers, homebuilders and installation specialists. Instead of researching the market and exploring the needs of our clients and end-users, we design our solutions in a way that all possible future needs and questions customers may have, are already answered within the solution. We design based on our 100% self-belief and Will. Then we educate, creating solutions based on our ideas, we educate our staff and regional partners in the market, and together we craft the solutions our clients need. “The end result is market-leading, award-winning premium hybrid solutions for air ventilation. Each product we offer is created with the entire market in mind and incorporates our extensive research and longstanding industry knowledge. Thanks to this approach, we are the Leader in this competitive niche market. This can be proven by our Reference List, which is the largest in the EU for Hybrids.” Such an approach has allowed this family-run company to flourish and establish itself in a range of markets around the world. Headquartered in Burgas, Bulgaria, the firm is expanding throughout Europe, with projects even further afield in regions such as Asia and the Middle East. One key market for Damvent is the UK, with the company investing significant time and money into building a presence in the country and establishing an ever-growing network of sales professionals dedicated to serving the region’s customers. Deyan explains why the UK is important to the growth of the firm and why it is its core focus currently.

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