2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 58 Jul19444 Sepalumic: Best Aluminium Curtain Wall Specialists – France epalumic supply a range of services to deal with the constantly changing manufacturing market requirements, specialising in metalwork and fabrication services. A dedicated team of experts will guide their clients through every stage including quotes, technical advice, packaging requests, customs and tax declarations, logistics, and post-sales. The team of engineers will visit the project site free of charge for the start and every few months if required. Collaborating internationally, this firm are currently working on a large university campus in Gambia alongside a Tunisian architect, an Indian main contractor, and manufacturers from Senegal and Mali. Despite the logistical challenges, customs challenges, finding the right products for the job and finding the right people to join the workforce, Sepalumic are constantly working to overcome challenges in order to deliver the best possible outcome for their clients. Seeking to provide their clients with the solution that exceed requirements, Sepalumic offer free use of their services ranging from R&D, to logistics and marketing. The project deadline is also very important, and the company can organise the transport if required. At the heart of the firm is the drive to answer the clients every question with the best possible service, and the company consistently deliver on their promises to do just that. Differentiating themselves from their competition, Sepalumic ensure that their technical and engineering teams are available at any time for the client. Should a client require an engineer on site the following week, the company will find the best way to make this happen. With a strong belief in maintaining a close network, the firm has several warehouses dotted around the world to ensure they can be a local provider for clients based all around the world. S Founded in 1967 in the south of France, aluminium curtain wall specialists Sepalumic design and powder-coat aluminium profiles in reply to a clients or market needs. With seven sites across France, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean, find out why this industry specialist firm are one of the best in France this year. Moving forward, the team at Sepalumic are heavily investing in extruding their own aluminium in France. This will allow them to be able to control every step of the process from creation and extrusion, to powder-coating and sales. Creating and locally sourcing their own product can increase the cost-effectiveness of the company, focusing solely on exporting that product to their various warehouses across the globe. The successes of Sepalumic are down to their determination to put the client first. Replying to the needs of our clients is their top priority, whether it be with a product design, a local distribution point or an engineer onsite within a week. Being a local supplier to global clients and establishing an internationally collaborative relationship of trust, this company are at the forefront of the aluminium curtain walling sector. Contact details: Company: Sepalumic | Contact: Chris Ward Email Address: [email protected] | Site: sepalumic.com/en

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