2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 53 Jul19345 Chelsea Contracting Limited: Best Multi-Disciplinary Construction & Remediation Company - New Zealand W Thanks to its experience working on various high-profile projects, Chelsea Contracting Limited is able to focus on the professional delivery of applications and solutions for concrete repair and protection, structural strengthening and waterproofing systems. We profile the firm to gain an insight into the work it undertakes and how this has helped drive it to the success it currently enjoys. ith the passion and dedication of its Founder behind it, Chelsea Contracting has become synonymous with quality construction services. Over the years, the firm has come to work on a wide range of projects that have helped it rise to prominence in this competitive market. Since working on 10 Downing Street, London (the headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom), Founder Dominic Sutherland has a passion for restoration of historic buildings/structures. He held a concrete pour record of 5,500m2 set-up and poured in 12 hours which included reinforcement and shuttering of all the box-outs on London’s Canary wharf project. This gave him the knowledge and understanding of concrete structures, this was the largest Construction site in Europe in the early 90s. He also worked on concreting a Highrise building in London’s Broadgate development for the now global construction giant Lang O’Roukes. Before leaving the UK, he had accumulated 13 years’ experience in historic restoration as the owner of his own company. Since moving back to New Zealand 17 years ago, Dominic has continued showing care and attention to using enduring techniques to provide concrete restoration across Auckland including recently for Takapuna Grammar School. Today, the firm is able to offer a broad spectrum of services in construction such as seismic strengthening, expansion joints, form and place grouting, flooring and structural repairs of bridges, tunnels, wharves, parking structures and all other large infrastructure. One of the firm’s most recent successful projects was its work on the seismic strengthening of the Fanshawe St carpark building in Downtown Auckland. This included installing 40 tonnes of steel reinforcing and applying 380m2 of shotcrete. As part of the carpark seismic upgrades, Chelsea Contracting’s skilled applicators applied waterproofing to the leaking stairwell roofs and completed significant concrete repairs around the building. As approved Rhino Stop installers, the team erected car safety barriers throughout the carpark, finishing the project off with front elevation painting and colour coding to each level. Minimizing disruption to carpark users by maintaining a live operational carpark and reducing the number of parking spaces occupied by construction was a key challenge on this project. Additionally, as the building fronts on to a busy Auckland road, the firm’s team needed to coordinate bus lane closures with Auckland Transport. This was achieved through tight project management, open communication (including negotiating with lease holders) and a bespoke temporary traffic management plan. Throughout the project Chelsea Contracting worked closely with the Client and their Engineers to identify efficient and compliant solutions to numerous design challenges throughout each phases of the project. The success of this project showcases Chelsea Contracting’s dedication to quality and ability, through communication and expertise, to overcome any challenge and complete even the toughest projects to the highest possible standard. Overall, the future for Chelsea Contracting is bright and exciting. Moving forward, the firm’s plan to continue providing quality workmanship to our existing clients, including Auckland Transport and Auckland Council as well as Tier 1 Contractors and consultants. In addition, the company is actively seeking new opportunities within the sector. Its team have a real passion for remediation of concrete infrastructure and restoration of historic buildings and infrastructure, and as such they plan to focus additional resources on these markets in the future to cement its position as a key player in this competitive market. Company: Chelsea Contracting Limited | Name: Dominic Sutherland Address: 636 New North Road, Morningside, Auckland 1022, New Zealand | Telephone Number: (09) 8152524 Web Address: www.chelseacontracting.co.nz

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