2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 51 “Together they can offer a range of services, including CAD Design and Engineering, Home Design, Interior Design and Construction Planning, as well as General Contracting. All of these services are provided to the highest possible standard, and clients receive exceptional service throughout.” Currently, the team at Murray Custom Homes is building a home with a regulation size basketball court in it. Engineering the catwalk and the expansive space is a challenge, however the team are excited for the outcome of this unique project. Looking to the future, Murray Custom Homes will remain committed to providing its clients with the exceptional quality support and solutions that they have come to rely on, whilst at the same time working on new projects to give back to the wider community. As part of this focus, the firm will be working with Habitat for Humanity, and is supplying roofs for their homes to support disadvantaged members of society. This new project and the firm’s upcoming work will help it to cement its reputation as the top-quality home builder in the Lincon area. Company: Murray Custom Homes Name: Matt Murray Address: 5900 S. 58th St, Suite C-D Telephone Number: 4025940410 Web Address: https://www.murraycustomhomes.com

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