2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 38 Jul19207 Claremont Planning Consultancy Ltd Best Residential Development Consultancy - England Drawing on a wealth of experience in all sectors of development, with particular expertise in the delivery of residential development, Claremont Planning Consultancy Ltd is able to offer its clients innovative planning services that will meet their needs, no matter how complex. young entrant to the market, having been established in 2016, Claremont Planning is an independent consultancy specialising in tailored planning services that directly respond to client requirements. Thanks to the extensive experience of its staff, Claremont Planning is able to provide initial advice on development prospects, strategic land promotion, as well as informing development design, providing detailed planning reports and negotiating effectively to achieve viable consents. Such services are growing in importance in today’s construction space, as it is now widely recognized that increasingly the planning process involves intense negotiations, policy influence, public consultation and political influence. As a result, Claremont Planning is tapping into this market and offering their skills to assist clients in realising consents and to overcome the challenges they face in the development stages of projects. Increasingly, Claremont Planning is identifying solutions for development delivery, resolving viability matters, intensifying schemes and appealing refusals when required. Their services enable clients to enjoy a managed planning process and avoid delays or refused consents, with the correct planning advice and strategy provided for each project. A With the ability to quickly form effective relationships with local authorities, communities and other stakeholders, the firm’s expert team are the perfect partners for any client looking to streamline the planning process. These clients include a range of developers and housebuilders, as well as individuals, landowners and property groups. Claremont Planning’s distinction and quality of offer is vitally important and informs the manner that work is approached as well as the consideration of clients. The core value adopted is to consider a tailored approach for each client and a specific strategy for each project, whilst ensuring the advice given is of the highest standard and reliable. Claremont Planning has come to specialise in delivering residential developments across the Midlands and South East/West for a number of blue-chip national housebuilders as well as land investors. Looking ahead, the firm will remain committed to supporting these firms and proving its value as a partner for all their planning and development consultancy needs. In addition, instructions for new bespoke projects involving high rise living and city regeneration will tailor their work going forward. Ultimately, the role that Claremont Planning seeks to adopt for every client is a critical component of development delivery to ensure success and facilitate every stage of the planning process. This will remain the team’s ongoing goal moving forward as it works on even more projects with a wider variety of clients, increasing both its portfolio and skillset. Company: Claremont Planning Consultancy Ltd Contact: Katherine Else Website: http://claremontplanning.com/ Telephone: 01212313610 Email: [email protected]

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