2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 29 Name: Andreas Hemstedt Address: Schleicherweg 19, 74336 Brackenheim, Germany Telephone Number: +49 (0) 7135 / 9898-0 Web Address: www.hemstedt.de/en / Jul19089 Hemstedt GmbH Electrotechnical Factory: Best Heating Cables Manufacturer 2019 - Germany Since it first began more than 44 years Hemstedt has risen to become the leading manufacturer of heating cables and cold storage technology for home and commercial applications. In celebration of the firm’s win in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards we explore how far the firm has come to achieve the market leading, award-winning position it enjoys today. rom humble beginnings in 1974 in a small village not far from the metropolitan region of Stuttgart, Hemstedt has since flourished. Initially, Founders Dieter and Silvi Hemstedt started their own business with the goal of high-quality, specialized heating cables. Success came quickly, and only four years later over 20 employees worked for the company, and sales and space requirements continued to rise rapidly. As the company grew, so did its product range. Cold storage technology was bought in and more and more customers began exploring the possibly for specialized solutions that Hemstedt was able realize quickly and accurately. This flexibility and the high quality made Hemstedt rise in popularity around the world, with the firm making deliveries from the Swabian production facility to China, USA, Russia and in many other countries. Today, Hemstedt has around 70 people work on a space of 17,500 square meters in development and production, providing its award-winning product selection. These include a wide range of solutions designed to meet a variety of needs. Specifically, in the field of HVAC and building appliances, Hemstedt is the source for everything related to the topic of electric heating. The spectrum ranges from the underfloor heating on frost protection, gutter heating, wall heating and outdoor heating up F to electric pool heaters. In addition, of course, everything else that is needed on the subject of “electric heating” in the HVAC: regulators, thermostats and installation accessories. Alongside just cables and products, Hemstedt provides for various requirements in building appliances and offers its HVAC as a true full service: on request, custom-made laying plans can be created, whether for inside or outside purposes. These can be adapted to individual needs to ensure that every client receives the solution they require to ensure their project is a true success. This service offering, combined with the expert advice its staff are able to offer, has made Hemstedt a reliable partner for clients worldwide. The firm’s experience ranges from the heating of industrial facilities and football stadiums which must withstand extreme stresses, and this can be transfer directly to its products in the field of HVAC. As a result, the form is able to provide unsurpassed quality for clients in their products for every application. With over 40 years of experience around the globe, Hemstedt’s expert team are able to advise clients and show them new ways and modes of thinking in HVAC and building appliances of the future. As a result, they are able to provide value-added support that cannot be found elsewhere. Looking to the future, developments across the construction and engineering spaces will provide Hemstedt with various exciting opportunities to grow and thrive. For example, currently the firm is waiting for the automotive industry to implement the bidirectional charging technology between car and home in the course of e-mobility so that it can advise and support clients in this new area. The firm is also focused on adapting around the trend for sustainability that has been growing over recent years, and these new developments will pave the way for further expansion and industry recognition for this dynamic and innovative company.