2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 26 Jul19059 Hammer Caster Co.,Ltd.: Best Construction Transportation Equipment Manufacturers 2019 - Osaka A pioneer in the caster market, Hammer Caster is a highly-respected creator of quality products that will last a lifetime, and has created Casterior ZEN series in pursuit of an ultimate form of caster in modern design. As the company is the winner of one of our coveted Construction and Engineering Awards for 2019 we felt the time was right to provide an overview of the range of solutions it provides and the dedication to quality that it prides itself on. ince it was founded in 1953, Hammer Caster has been relentless in its efforts to deliver products of assured precision and quality by researching processing technologies, developing new materials, and more. Thanks to this approach the firm was able to acquire a range of technical expertise and knowledge, which to this very day drives the ongoing development of ever new products marked by the Hammer Caster difference. Today, the firm’s casters have a proven record in situations demanding special functionality such as various kinds of industrial and freight handling sites, and specialist environments such as medical treatment locations and cleanrooms. Casterior ZEN is as of the firm’s designer brand and is born on a mission to propose an ultimate form of caster with minimal insight by a designer who wondered what a caster can look like in the simplest form. Under a concept of “Beautiful caster for beautiful interiors”, from underfoot Casterior ZEN expands the possibilities for the design of furniture and fittings. Whilst the firm’s expertise remains focused on the creation of quality casters, Hammer Caster offers a wide range of construction and engineering products, including not only scaffold casters at construction field, but also furniture casters in interior design field through Casterior ZEN. Ultimately, Hammer Caster has been in the construction and engineering product creation market for more than a century, and moving forward the firm is keen to build upon its current success and produce even more innovative products that will cement its reputation for excellence in this ever-growing sector. S Company: Hammer Caster Co.,Ltd. Name: Seiichi Yoshida Address: 4-7-35, Nishiiwata, Higashiosakashi, Japan, 578-0947 Phone: +81-6-67824441 Web Address: casterior.com

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