2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 24 Jul19045 Digital Guerrilla Consultancy Ltd: Best BIM & Digital Information Management Consultancy - UK Drawing on their extensive market experience, Digital Guerrilla Consultancy Ltd work closely with a wide variety of clients, to provide a bespoke range of services including training, education and project support throughout the design process, to ensure their use of digital technologies is efficient and to provide better business outcomes. To celebrate the firm’s success in our 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards we showcase an insight into its unique service offering. ringing together experts to support the Scottish Construction Market, Digital Guerrilla aims to ensure its valued clients receive the support they need to adopt cutting-edge solutions that will streamline their processes. The company’s Director, Graham H Stewart, is a well-known figure in the industry, both in the UK and aboard, is a regular speaker at local and international events, and lectures at colleges and universities. With over 30 years industry experience and knowledge, of which over 25 years is on various CAD/BIM applications, he has delivered projects around the globe from loft conversions in Glasgow to multi-billion-dollar projects in the middle east. The firm’s expert team can assist clients with what they need to prepare for and support design teams with what they need to deliver, covering all aspects of technology, training and business benefits. The company is in a unique position to be a key partner for you to turn to for advice in this acronym led field when it simply gets too confusing. Working with a wide range of clients in the construction industry, from Tier 1 contractors and sub-contractors, and partners in their supply chain including Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Services Engineers and Landscape Architects, Digital Guerrilla offers advice and support in developing digital transformation strategies to comply with the UK’s BIM Level 2 mandate. The firm can also work with design teams to help them understand their obligations for digital deliverables that clients are now demanding. B An example of Digital Guerrilla’s recent work is its support of HFD Construction Group Ltd on their 177 Bothwell Street development, a new 14 storey office building in Glasgow City Centre. Digital Guerrilla’s team are working as Information Managers to assist the design team to deliver the client’s specific digital requirements. A key challenge is working with the Asset Management team to understand what data they require at hand over, so that Digital Guerrilla can work with the design team to put agreed documentation, workflows and procedures in place to structure their data to meet the clients requirements. By offering exceptional support and a collaborative approach, Digital Guerrilla are able to understand and achieve clients goals and ensure their design teams are compliant. Offering friendly and practical advice, Digital Guerrilla’s aim is not to micromanage the clients design team, but to work as an extension of the team towards a common goal: the successful completion and delivery of the project. Over the years, Digital Guerrilla has enhanced its service offering to meet the needs of its clients, and training and development is a key part of the business. The firm now provides its own bespoke training to suit a client’s individual needs, as well as delivering BSI’s BIM inhouse training programme. This flexible, innovative approach will drive Digital Guerrilla to even greater success in the future as they extend their services to enhance the information management requirements of BIM in Accordance with ISO19650. The firm’s popular Delivering COBie, Ifc & Classification: Asset Management for Revit course will be updated to include Solibri workflows that will continue to support existing clients, and also ensure new clients enjoy the benefits of working with this dynamic and driven company. Digital Guerrilla Consultancy Ltd. Name: Graham H Stewart Telephone Number: 07964815438 Web Address: https://digital-guerrilla.scot

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