2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

17 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD “Working to offer a full range of project management services, TS&B Contractors works collaboratively with the client to achieve all the project goals within given constraints. Such an approach ensures that every project the firm undertakes is a success and clients achieve an outcome they will be proud of.” As part of this latest development, the firm currently has IT package facilitating management of, and collaboration within, the construction process in the pipeline. The technology enables efficient coordination of the programming, designing, specifying and building processes. The adaptation of such technology will enable the business to grow and succeed. Ultimately, in order for TS&B Contractors to be at the forefront of construction and engineering the firm needs to adapt to changes it foresees in the markets it will remain committed to training its staff and driving them towards even greater quality and innovation. TS&B Contractors firmly believes in the concept of customer and supplier working together; in pursuing the highest level of service and completing any work to the specification of the clients, and this will remain the central driver behind the firm’s work as it looks ahead towards an exciting future. Company: TS&B Contractors Limited Name: Thiago Seregni Address: Unit 4 Skylines Village, Limeharbour, London, E14 9TS Telephone Number: 0203 598 4747 Web Address: www.tsbcontractors.co.uk Vending area Refurbishment Roof Garden Fit Out Joinery Natural Stone Flooring Restoration Bathroom Restoration Decoration and Restoration

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