2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 15 Every aspect of the firm’s work is stunningly cultivated and designed to combine modern techniques with traditional beauty and elegance. As part of this focus, Mixlegno Group studies and develops aesthetic solutions and cutting-edge technologies, with the aim of offering the market an always performing and innovative proposal of value. The aesthetics, the different materials and finishes, combined with the continuous research and development, enable the company to face the most demanding design solutions, making the requests characterized by great complexity and prestige possible. The result of this approach is that, technically the performance of the windows and doors, both acoustically and thermally, has been improved project after project. The firm’s products have been tested by the most important laboratories, including NFRC and Miami Dade. The acoustic performance and the air, water and wind resistance are periodically tested and updated to ensure exceptional quality for clients. One example of a recent project that Mixlegno Group completed to the highest possible standard is its work on the Fitz Roy building in New York on 24th Street. Challenging and prestigious, the project has as protagonist one of the most important studied innovations: the copper finish applied to an extruded base. For the company, the first aspect of the project that involved working in copper applied to an extruded product. The technical and aesthetic prestige of the extruded base is emphasized and enhanced by this unique finish. Copper is applied to profiles and accessories through a meticulous process. The result is a fascinating product, a timeless warm finish that gives elegance and prestige to windows, doors and accessories. The design elements are worked thanks to this particular finish realized through an innovative process studied by Mixlegno group and certificated in laboratory. This treatment allows to obtain a product that has never been thought of and proposed before, a revolutionary production designed for a material historically known and appreciated. The prestige of the extruded base amazes once again for its extreme flexibility and versatility in taking on ever new nuances and for its ability to adapt to new and different solutions. Overall, Mixlegno Group is incredibly proud of the outcome of this exciting project, and looking ahead it is keen to undertake even more projects of similar magnitude to ensure that it continues to enhance its reputation as one of the thought- leaders in this sector. The firm is constantly evolving and enhancing its service offering in line with current trends in the market, such as sustainability and aesthetics, to ensure that its clients’ ever-evolving needs are constantly being met. Mixlegno Group - Fitz Roy building in New York on 24th Street. Mixlegno Group - Fitz Roy building in New York on 24th Street. Mixlegno Group - Fitz Roy building in New York on 24th Street.

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