2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 113 Best Hospitality Architecture Practice 2019 & Best Hotel Project: Nanning Resort Hotel Internationally renowned RhineScheme Architects GmbH provides a full range of architectural services to clients across Asia and Europe. We profile the firm to find out more about the services it has to offer to clients around the world and throughout the hospitality space, for which it has won not one but two of this year’s coveted Construction and Engineering Awards. stablished in 2004 with offices in both Germany and China, RhineScheme began life as a merger of medium-sized design studios with more than 30 years’ experience under one umbrella. Thanks to this expertise, today RhineScheme focuses on big-scale architectural and urban planning projects, for private, institutional and governmental clients. The firm now offers a whole range of design and consultancy services, starting from real estate consulting and marketing and feasibility studies for all sorts of buildings and urban developments; architectural and interior design from schematic drawings to construction documentation; tendering support and site supervision. Additionally, RhineScheme Architects also offers specialised engineering services, which include: structural engineering, storm water management, traffic consulting, professional and independent lighting design. Its Beijing office has a well-experienced local team familiar with both Chinese and Western planning conditions and culture. Incorporating a solid world-wide network of partner offices, RhineScheme combines more than 100 architects, urban planners and interior designers, as well as ca. 200 associated engineers, researchers and consultants. The firm’s longest lasting professional experience is in Europe, but biggest and most challenging projects and clients have been in China, since that is still the largest construction market in the world. Working for the Chinese market is often connected with enormous time pressure and complex tasks that are unknown in Europe. E Nonetheless RhineScheme has steadily improved its reputation in this difficult market and is proud of having achieved a high reputation in planning complex mixed-use projects, tourism developments, smart cities and eco-cities, urban regeneration and conversion projects. Looking to the future, RhineScheme is keen to move into the British market, and it hopes to find a creative developer for challenging tourism projects, in which the firm’s team can bring special Eurasian experiences, combining the Asian sense of hospitality and efficiency with the enduring ingenuity of Europe. This aim will help the company to grow and establish itself as an international expert in construction over the years ahead. Name: Wolf Loebel (CEO) Address: Am Hirzacker 5, 36132 Eiterfeld, Germany, 3, Andingmen Dong Binhe Lu 2-2-401, 100013 Beijing / China. Telephone Number: +86 13911733670 Web Address: www.rhinescheme.com

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