2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 107 Lily is highly skilled in mural designs, with a portfolio that entails a wide range of awe-inspiring interior and architectural designs. Alongside her team, she bases her tendencies on covering a complete space from floor to ceiling, adding magic in furniture with high doses of strong and bold colour. Often designing spaces with children in mind, imagination and innovative creativity are at the centre of this firm. By avoiding common and boring elements each space becomes a magical escape, brought to life with an explosion of colour and stylistic accessories for children to explore and experience. Not content to just create the dream spaces, Lily and her team work with clients at all stages of conception, construction and completion. Creating pitch presentations for floor plans, elevations, finish plans, and construction drawings are just some of the ways this interior design firm make sure that the client is continuously happy with their project throughout its entirety. At the heart of Lily’s continued success both domestically and internationally, is her uncompromising stance on delivering truly unique and magical interior spaces. Giving her team the space to be expressive and creative, she has cultivated an atmosphere of freedom whilst adhering to client’s strict limitations in order to masterfully create spaces that exude personality. Company: Lily Duclaud Website: http://www.lilyduclaud.com/

http://www.alucraftgroup.com/ http://www.lilyduclaud.com/ http://www.watermark-homes.com/ http://www.ebpbuilding.com/