2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 104 Best Architectural Glazing Systems Manufacturer - UK & Ireland Operating since 1975, Alucraft has a longstanding history of delivering exceptional architectural glazed façades in Ireland and across the UK. Following their success in the 2019 Construction and Engineering Awards, we spoke with Alucraft’s Group Managing Director, Jack McHugh, to find out more about their expertise, history and future. ike many in the construction and architectural spheres, Alucraft has become defined by a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation. Partnering this with a decidedly client-centric approach that truly puts the customer and the project as the focal point of their business, Alucraft have swiftly differentiated themselves as true experts in glazed facades. Indeed, by working in tandem with noted visionaries across the architectural and construction industries, from the conception stage right through to project handover, Alucraft are keenly focused on meeting – and exceeding – the aspirations of the client’s design. To begin, Jack offers more insight into the company’s composition. “Alucraft currently employ over 180 FTE’s across Ireland, the UK, Poland and the Philippines. We focus on large scale façade construction projects and our systems include Unitised and Stick Curtain Walling, Roof-Glazing, Point-Fixed and Structural Glazing, Windows, Doors and Cladding Solutions. We are and remain committed to high standards, safety, quality, efficiency and people development.” Ultimately, Alucraft’s vision is “to be the specialist façade contractor and employer of choice in Ireland and the United Kingdom”. It’s a goal that, by all considerations, they are well on their way to achieving. Yet, despite everything, they remain conscious of their founding ethos and their mission to provide exceptional results, regardless of the size or complexity of the project at hand. “Having experienced a huge growth spurt in the last two years, it was imperative that we reviewed the foundations on which our company’s success is founded. This involved re-evaluating the Mission, Vision and Values of the organisation and from there strategic goals were developed. We focused on three key pillars which are paramount to delivering our Vision, namely People, Growth and Delivery. We identified key projects from these pillars and from there a Master Continuous Improvement (CI) Plan was set out for 2018/2019 with many in-house initiatives and projects delivered upon”. L © Tom Bright Photography - Educational - Alucraft

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