2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 100 Scaffolding Inspectors of the Year 2019 - South East England Based in London and supporting clients and projects throughout the South East of England, Independent Site Inspection Services provide support and services that ensure that all construction sites are completely compliant with all relevant regulations. We profile the firm to learn more about the vital services it can provide. n today’s construction market, UK sites can face a fine or worse if they are found not to be compliant with all relevant legislation, and as such it is vital that all companies work with a trusted provider of inspection services. From large scale builds to simple home extensions, the ‘Work at Height Regulations 2005, place duties on employers, the self-employed and any person that controls the work of others, e.g. facilities managers who contract others to work at height. As such, construction sites need to make sure that they have their scaffolding and other temporary structures inspected and certified as safe. Since it first began Independent Site Inspection Services has risen to be a key player in the UK’s scaffolding and construction site inspection market, offering support that will ensure clients I are always fully compliant with regulations and their staff work in a safe environment. Providing independent inspection services, the firm offers all reports within 24 hours, ensuring reliability for all clients. Independent Site Inspection Services can offer everything from weekly site inspections through to one-off visits and much more. Over the years the firm has worked for many companies include Mount Anvil, Knight Harwood, Cosmur, Engie, Wates, Cosmur Ellmers Construction, and Curo Construction. It has worked on a range of prestigious projects for these renowned clients, including the Cutty Sark, Chelsea Barracks, the Shard, the Olympic Stadium, Wembley Park, Keybridge House, Lakeside, and Westfield, among many others. These clients receive prompt, reliable support, with Independent Site Inspection Services’ experts available five days a week, often at less than 48 hours’ notice. They will offer the benefit of their expertise and send their report in less than 24 hours so that clients know they will be able to have their site signed off quickly and efficiently, allowing them to carry on with their work safe in the knowledge that their space is fully compliant. With regulations constantly changing, the team at Independent Site Inspection Services work tirelessly to ensure that they are constantly ahead of emerging developments and able to offer their clients support and inspection services that are fully compliant and will keep them and their teams safe. Currently, Independent Site Inspection Services carries out all inspection for Mount Anvil and Knight Harwood across their whole portfolio, and works regularly with large clients such as Taylor Wimpy, offering them support throughout their business. This range of repeat clients proves the firm’s dedication to quality and the success of its approach. Looking to the future, Independent Site Inspection Services will remain committed to offering its clients the award-winning, reliable inspection services they have come to rely on and trust. Contact: Leanne Webb Website: www.isis-inspect.co.uk

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