Construction & Engineering Awards 2023

37 Encore Environment is an ethical and legally compliant environmental and waste management consultancy, providing total waste management, strategic support, invaluable data and customised solutions to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and KPIs and to drive up margins. We took a look behind the scenes at the award-winning organisation to learn what has contributed to its success. Best Waste Management Consultancy 2023 - East Midlands Company: Encore Environment Name: Rachel Rowley Email: [email protected] Web Address: Encore Environment, recognised as the Best Waste Management Consultancy 2023 in the East Midlands, stands at the forefront of progressive waste management. Established as an ethical and legally compliant environmental and waste management consultancy, Encore Environment has made significant strides in the industry. The company’s innovative approach provides comprehensive waste management solutions to construction companies, enabling them to meet sustainability goals, enhance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and improve profit margins. Founded in 2011 by Rachel Rowley, Managing Director, and Gavin Pilcher, Operations Director, Encore Environment was born from a vision to revolutionise waste management within the construction industry. The construction and waste sectors historically faced challenges in embracing change. Rachel, particularly, faced obstacles as a female entrepreneur challenging the status quo. Nonetheless, her perseverance and vision have allowed Encore Environment to challenge conventional waste disposal methods and provide sustainable alternatives. Encore Environment offers a wide array of services in waste management, environmental consultancy, project delivery, and pre-construction, and demolition audits. The company operates nationwide and collaborates with rigorously vetted suppliers who align with the industry waste hierarchy and comply with Environment Agency standards. The team’s ethos revolves around reducing, reusing, and recycling principles underpinning all their services. This approach aims to minimise waste and increase carbon savings, emphasising waste reuse on and off-site, thus promoting sustainability and economic targets for waste recycling in the community. The company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility is evident through various certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation, carbon-neutral status, and membership in esteemed organisations like Social Enterprise UK (SEUK). Notably, 10% of all profits from Project DIVERT, an environmental and social initiative diverting construction waste to needy organisations, are donated to Graeae, a pioneering theatre company. Furthermore, Encore Environment prides itself on being a disruptor and innovator within the construction and waste sectors. The team collaborate with large construction contractors to optimise waste management strategies in an industry generating a substantial portion of the UK's waste. Their unique approach implements innovative, value-led, sustainable interventions that offer construction companies improved environmental choices, leading to zero waste to landfill, waste reduction, carbon savings, and substantial social value. Noteworthy initiatives include Project DIVERT, Waste Wise Kids, and the Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum. Project DIVERT diverts surplus construction materials to organisations in need, resulting in significant carbon savings and cost reductions for construction companies. Waste Wise Kids educates young students about the impact of waste on the environment, fostering a new generation of environmental leaders. The Enviro Game Changers Sustainability Forum provides a platform for businesses in the construction supply chain to promote and share environmental sustainability expertise. Project DIVERT, an essential facet of Encore Environment's sustainable development intervention, has substantially impacted the construction industry and the communities it serves. By diverting tons of construction waste from landfills and providing materials to needy organisations, Project DIVERT has significantly reduced construction companies' carbon emissions and waste management costs. Through partnerships with companies like Morgan Sindall Construction and Modus Workspace, Project DIVERT has diverted materials to various community groups and organisations, ranging from charities to urban farms, demonstrating the profound social value created by the initiative. The positive impact on individuals and communities showcases how innovative waste diversion strategies can improve lives. Encore Environment distinguishes itself through its agility and a clientcentric approach. Rather than focusing on volume, Encore Environment is committed to sustainable growth, aligning with like-minded clients to drive industry changes. The leadership team prioritises transparency, duty of care, and compliance, staying ahead of legislative changes to ensure a comprehensive waste management strategy for each project. Interestingly, the company’s "Value in the Rates" is a unique offering encompassing various services, including tender support, site visits, environmental audits, waste reporting, and stakeholder reporting. This comprehensive approach sets it apart in delivering tailored solutions and achieving 100% waste diversion. Lastly, the ultimate motivation for Encore Environment is to safeguard the environment and improve the lives of those in need. Through sustainable interventions and dedicated outreach work in education, each team member strives to leave a lasting positive legacy for future generations. The vision centres on enriching lives, protecting the environment, and fostering a deep connection with communities and clients who share their dedication to sustainability. In conclusion, Encore Environment has proven to be a leading force in waste management, embodying innovation, sustainability, and a profound duty to social and environmental responsibility. Their innovative initiatives, dedication to transparency, and unwavering focus on sustainable growth make them a standout choice for any construction company seeking to enhance their waste management strategies and contribute to a better future.