Construction & Engineering Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 38 “Rarely will you encounter homes so uncompromising in their design, where traditional influences and contemporary style are married so effortlessly with state-of-the-art technology,” Tonia elaborates on what sets an EAB Home aside from competitors. “Maximising light and enhancing the feeling of space are elegantly engineered, alongside an unparalleled selection of fixtures, fittings, and finishes that are the epitome of quality.” Each property is carefully designed to fulfil the immediate technology requirement, but to also enable future advancements to be seamlessly integrated. In this current era when even some luxury houses seem to be assembled on a production line, managing to combine impeccable craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail are the hallmarks of an EAB home. The company is also fastidious about the partnerships it enters into in order to deliver its superlative homes. Boasting a team of expert contractors, many who have been with the firm for years – their passion, perfectionism, precision, and flair spark an overwhelming desire from purchasers to own an EAB home. Recently, the business was recognised in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2022 and bestowed with the respected title of Boutique Development Company of the Year 2022 – England. Understandably thrilled with this achievement, Tonia believes that she knows the secret to the firm’s long-standing success. “Quite simply – we care,” she states. “About every little detail. We want to feel proud of our developments every time we pass them and we always strive to be the absolute best we can be.” Contact: Tonia Warren Company: EAB Homes Ltd Web Address: pecialising in the design, development, and building of bespoke new family homes for individuals who appreciate the very best, EAB Homes is an awardwinning boutique development company that has become renowned for its exceptional high-end residential properties in and around the home counties. Established by the Berridge family, there are strong ties between the company and Beaconsfield town, dating back to pre-war times when a close relative was the blacksmith there. Over the years, the founders have become well known for their ethical, trustworthy, and friendly business style, respecting – and being respected within – the community where they work and live. Indeed, the Directors’ long-term commitment to the town, and determination to make a positive impact, means that anything the company develops helps protect the area’s character. Now in its fourth decade, and with more than 80 new build properties built since 2000 alone, EAB Homes is flourishing. The dedicated and passionate team have the expertise, technical knowledge and design flair to assist any potential client with the purchase of land, design, construction and finish of their dream home. “No matter what stage you are at, or your individual dreams and aspirations, the journey to bringing your dream home to life should be a most enjoyable, memorable and rewarding experience,” enthuses Tonia Warren (née Berridge), a partner at the firm. “At EAB Homes, we are on hand throughout every stage, giving each client peace of mind that their project is handled as delicately as if it were their own.” Tonia is the driving force behind the delivery of each project, with involvement from start to finish as the think tank, researcher, and implementer of design, hand holding clients through what should be an enjoyable process for them. With Tonia’s unique perspective, gained from her time as a Site Manager, she is as comfortable developing initial design concepts as she is selecting furnishings and finishes. Tonia also oversees the entire EAB office, supported by the accounts team, reviewing financial activity and managing risk. There’s no doubt that an EAB Home oozes style, innovation, and quality – all combining the finest materials with traditional construction methods, an unrivalled specification, and sustainability built in. With the founder of EAB having been a cabinet maker for Harrods, it’s no surprise that the level of finish within an EAB Home is hard to beat. For more than 30 years, EAB Homes has been providing premium properties to the people of Beaconsfield and the surrounding regions. We find out more from Tonia Warren in the wake of the firm being recognised in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2022. S Jul22002 Boutique Development Company of the Year 2022 – England