Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

77 Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD ir conditioning is more than a mere luxury to many. With rising temperatures, around the world the need for buildings to have air conditioning as a standard feature has become obvious. A cooler environment is one which allows human beings to live happy and healthy lives. The team at Decke not only know this, but are more than capable of acting as a partner to designers and architects alike when it comes to making sure that your air conditioning system is a premier solution. The team at Decke supply more than an off-the-shelf solution, working closely with clients throughout the development of a project. They are able to stand by your side from the design phase all the way through to the execution and commissioning of a building, continuing to assist with the maintenance of the system. Such a strong relationship means that clients can take advantage of the team’s considerable experience when it comes to exploring potential air conditioning systems. Recently, the team has been entrusted with equipping eight luxury homes in Pablo Aranda. These obviously required a great degree of attention to detail, to ensure that their clients were thoroughly satisfied when they moved in. The team’s work can also be found on historic buildings, with the team involved Air conditioning is a key part of the construction process in many countries, and the best systems are dependable in every sense of the word. They play a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of people who live and work in buildings. We take a closer look at the team from Decke Climatizacion Ecologica SL, a leading provider of these systems and worthy winners in the Construction and Engineering Awards 2021, to see how they achieved such success. A in the rehabilitation of Palacete 1920 and another building of 1952. The challenge with both has been to maintain the strong historic links that remain and ensuring any addition does not compete with them. What is clear is that every project undertaken by the Decke team is treated with the uniqueness which it deserves. The team work tirelessly, with enthusiasm and an eye for quality at the forefront of all of their work. The key has been to approach each new concept as though it were being made for the team personally. This allows them to focus on ensuring that their air conditioning solution is always of the highest possible quality. For the people of Spain, a naturally warm country, the need for air conditioning continues to grow by the day. The coming few years will probably see demand not only be maintained but increase. The unique systems developed by Decke are what keep customers coming back, because clients know that they will find a way forward that achieves absolute comfort and amazing benefits to health. For Decke itself, the team are always looking at ways in which they can improve their client offerings. This ranges from improving productivity of their devices to the development of more efficient and sustainable systems overall. In a world that has become increasingly concerned about potential impact on the environment, this decision ensures that clients are working with a partner who is concerned about these details from the beginning of the discussion. Moving ahead, the team are working on many interesting projects, including a museum in Valencia and a promotion of luxury homes in Madrid. This direction for the team, trusted to deliver the highest quality solutions, is the secret behind their success. It’s why people turn back to them time and time again for the best in innovative air conditioning solutions. Company: Decke Climatizacion Ecologica SL Name: Patricia Igual Email: [email protected] Jul21287 Best Radiant Air Conditioning Solutions Provider - Spain