Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

37 Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD S Glazing is a small, independent company, headed up by Timothy, who has more than 20 years of experience in the glazing industry. The company’s portfolio of services include glass replacement, replacement locks, handles, hinges, restrictor replacement, full internal and external clean, toe and heeling all types of sashes, re-trim and seal, and replacement door panels. All jobs taken on by TS Glazing are finished to a clean and pristine standard that is safe and secure. The team pride themselves on providing a full array of solutions, primarily repair work and maintenance to existing glass panels, hinges, or handles. They do this without having to replace the entire unit where possible. Ultimately, the team is there to make the customer’s life easy and if a unit can be salvaged, then it will be. This keeps overall costs down whilst still completing each job to the highest standard. TS Glazing looks after clients that are both domestic and commercial, so knows how to cater for everybody. The company’s core values are centred around honesty and an approachable nature, and prioritises the creation of easy dialogue and good communication channels between the team and their clients, ensuring that clients feel heard and understood and are updated as to the work being carried out, and involved in all relevant decisions. Timothy tells us, “Our latest project included us removing two brick dwarf walls to allow us to install two new full-length side lights either side of the existing front door. We had to repair the external brick work, cut the internal breeze blocks to suit, then plaster board and plaster to a shine. Matching tiles were laid and grouted, then the existing skirting board was trimmed and fitted. Finally, the new side lights and existing front door were foamed, trimmed, sealed, and cleaned. We were particularly proud of the finish to the brickwork that we managed to achieve, which completely matched the original.” That job was a large and complex one, of a kind that could seem daunting to the customer. However, the team at TS Not only is glazing important for the warmth of the home, it can play a key role in the safety of the home, too. TS Glazing Maintenance and Repairs offers a fully quality-checked service that will leave each customer feeling warm, safe, and satisfied with its work. We talk to Director Timothy Soane to find out about the company’s hard work following its success at the Construction and Engineering Awards 2021. T Glazing reasures each client with their full attention and hard work; they enjoy the chance to really show what they can do. By carrying out repairs, maintenance services, and one-off installations, TS Glazing is distinguishing itself from its competitors. The team members pride themselves on delivering services in a respectful, understanding, and calm manner, happily taking on each problem for the customer, so that they don’t have to worry. Timothy says, “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service at highly competitive prices.” TS Glazing Maintenance and Repairs makes sure that you have a secure and pristine finish to your doors and windows, so you don’t have to worry about reduced safety or mouldy frames. Most importantly, you will be taken care of in the most respectful, considerate way. And above all else, this service is available at a reasonable price. Contact: Timothy Soane Company: TS Glazing Maintenance & Repairs Web Address: Jun21415 Most Trusted Window & Door Maintenance Services - Kent