Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

25 Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD systems for lifting materials – Most commonly, this is glass that is required to be lifted into place. Ultimately, Apex saves its clients time, money and heartache by offering cost-effective and safe solutions. Presently, Apex is only being held back by restrictions and periodic lockdowns associated with the COVID pandemic. It is continuing in every form possible to bolster and strengthen its position in the market, and is currently extending the capabilities and facilities in its two main offices in Brisbane and Sydney to provide greater levels of service and a more cohesive workplace for its technicians. Apex has big plans for the remainder of the year and heading into 2022, with major developments being made in terms of new products and equipment which are amplifying and increasing the potential of rope access. While it is a challenging time with the global pandemic, Apex is committed to being at the forefront of its industry. Company: Apex Facades Contact: Andy Gennings Email: [email protected] Website: the eye, it has presented many challenges during construction, as typical methods of curtain wall installation were unable to be completed in all areas. Apex’s scope of this project was to assist Multiplex and Sharvain Projects in the install of the curtain wall and roof panels in difficult areas of the build. Apex’s technicians were able to significantly reduce downtime on this project with creative solutions to the challenges faced on such an iconic structure. With such a high profile construction project, Apex is exceptionally proud of its team and their efforts to bring this dream to fruition. Apex’s team is made up of technicians who are creative and adept to problem solving, and trained and experienced in their trade and/or discipline, so once they are in place on structures, they are independent and do not need to be instructed. This saves clients in costs associated with management and supervision of contractors, and also gives peace of mind knowing they can trust that the work is completed to a high standard. The company’s rigging proficiency allows its technicians to access incredibly difficult areas and relates back to their independence onsite. Often they do not need cranes as they are self-sufficient; Apex’s riggers are able to set up incredible