Construction and Engineering Awards 2021

17 Construction and Engineering Awards 2021 BUILD Across East Anglia and the South East, the team at Smarter Home Improvements are seeing enormous amounts of new developments and retrofitting work. Many properties must now be fitted with an EV Charging Port, Solar PV and/or Solar Thermal panels and often a renewable heating source such as an Air-Source or Ground-Source Heat Pump or Biomass boiler. This change in direction for many is down to three factors. Firstly, an increasing amount of hybrid and electric cars are appearing on Britain’s roads, requiring new infrastructure. Secondly, there is the fact that solid fuel and gas heating systems will not be installed in any property in the UK after 2025, and thirdly is the need to keep the increasing utility bills as low as possible. The use of the latest technology has long been proven to be an invaluable investment, with a renewable heating option and the right insulation saving clients up to 70% on their yearly energy outgoings. With so many turning their attention to a greener approach, it’s telling that many smaller building contractors and design teams are consulting businesses such as Smarter Home Improvements. Large organisations can often do this work for themselves, so it speaks to an industry-wide shift. In many ways, it also speaks to a more thoughtful approach being taken by clients who know that new properties are not only an investment for them, but an investment in the future of the planet. Looking ahead, the future is bright for Smarter Home Improvements and perhaps their progress is best shown by a project that is currently underway. The team are working on three new-build homes for a customer in Kent, using Ground- Source Heating, a complex insulation system, SMART Home Control System, Solar PV and potentially Solar Thermal as well in order to make the new properties as sustainable as possible. One of the key challenges, however, is the retrofitting work on the existing 2000m2 floor area of the converted barn that the customer currently lives in on the development. The flooring is solid wood, making ripping up the floor, installing the desired electric underfloor system and reflooring the home very costly. This is where the team’s ability to communicate with clients and understand their needs proves itself. The two alternatives are a Biomass boiler and an Air-Source Heat Pump. Having conferred, the aesthetic disadvantages of the latter means that the Biomass boiler will be installed. The level of communication that the team pushes for means that every project has a successful outcome. It goes without saying that the world must be greener today than it ever has been before. The team at Smarter Home Improvements are at the forefront of that change, offering customers innovative technology which will ensure their property investments will only rise in the future. The work that they do is truly exceptional, which is the secret behind the team’s incredible success. Company: Smarter Home Improvements Ltd Name: Ben Watson Email: [email protected] Web Address: Improvements has its eye on the future, but also an attention to detail which ensures that their solutions can be seamlessly incorporated into the layout of a property. The team’s most recent project, on an NHS building, showcases their commitment to delivering exceptional results. One of the key challenges throughout was timing. Unlike a retrofit, this newbuild meant that the team’s work had to be completed in stages, working closely with the building contractors and the NHS team. Once part of the roof was constructed, the PV panels could be installed. The inverter was only commissioned after another section was completed. While a little more complex than the team’s usual jobs, it demonstrates their incredible ability. The finished project is one which is functional and aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly has secured the name of Smarter Home Improvements in the minds of the client. This flexibility is only possible because the team assess every option when it comes to meeting a client’s specification for renewability. No two projects are the same, and so time taken at the start ensures the most desirable outcome for all. While many companies will rush through the initial assessment stage, the Smarter Home Improvements team has discovered that taking the time to discover what the client really wants, and to ensure that they are happy with the decisions being made, saves a lot of time later on. Because of this care taken right from the start, Smarter Home Improvements ensures that their team acts quickly and smoothly to match this original vision. As a result of the team’s impressive track record, Smarter Home Improvements has been justly accredited by MCS, Trademark, HIES and Checkatrade. These recognitions within the industry will only increase as the firm continues to grow.