Construction & Engineering Awards 2018

47 2018 Construction & Engineering Awards Build projects and a primary focus in central London. Over the years, he has completed transactions of in excess of £2bn in the residential and commercial property markets in the UK and Continental Europe. Now his group has a global client base, supporting investors from the Middle East, Russia, Europe, the USA and the Far East. Many are repeat buyers, assured from past experience that the company will provide a sound placement for their investment. Loyalty is extremely important to the team at CBG, and the group has built up a strong relationship with many of its clients, who know they can rely on this dedicated team to deliver the quality and service they are looking for, while finding them something unique in the market. Nicholas shares an insight into the firm’s approach to its projects and how this ensures excellence for clients. “Here at CBG, our approach to every project focuses on consistency and quality. We focus on the amenity areas of a building, and we have reached a standard that we ensure we adhere to and meet on stablished in 2007, CBG draws on a wealth of expertise, and aims to create not just developments but lifestyles for those who use them. Thanks to the vast expertise of its senior management, today the group works to engage in projects that have a true positive impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and its local community. With 20 over years’ experience leading CBG, Nicholas Trimmatis, Chairman, offers an impressive track record in global investments with a primary focus in the UK, in residential and commercial developments and investments. As part of a family that has been developing property for three generations, Nicholas is able to offer a unique perspective to the group and drive it towards success. Drawing on his vast experience, Nicholas formed CBG after working for 14 years as an investor and developer in the luxury European property market, with a range of successful residential and commercial E King Henry’s Dock King Henry’s Dock King Henry’s Dock