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Subscribe to our newsletter 7 Q3 2022 BUILD Mar22070 Best Custom Home Builder Contractor – Maine Newman Homes is a top-quality professional contractor that specialises in new builds and renovations. Designing and building everything to perfection, Newman Homes ensures a result finer than any other with its team of seasoned experts. Here we learn more about what Newman Homes does as it constructs homes that warm hearts all over Maine. ased in Winslow in Maine, and serving much of the area, Newman Homes prides itself on being a general contractor that provides professional quality craftsmanship across everything it creates. Building and renovating homes and buildings is Newman Homes’ passion and its team works hard to ensure every build and renovation is on target to be the most complete and flawless it can be. Focusing more on new builds, Newman Homes works with a plethora of individuals that are all looking for something that will truly fit all of their needs. Through its advertising and word-ofmouth referrals, Newman Homes has collected a large client base over the years and show no sign of slowing down. Using its wisdom and experience to transform every space, as well as find the perfect location for each home, Newman Homes has the ability to develop clients’ plans based upon their needs, desires, and wishes. From locations to floorplans and overall design, Newman Homes produces the best of the best. Incredibly, all of this is done with a fair price in mind – and Newman Homes promises to deliver every time. This relationship forging between Newman Homes and its clients comes so easy with all of its experience. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Newman Homes achieves high and mighty goals such as the creation of forever B homes and renovations that truly reflect the personality and evolution of each client. By listening to what the client wants, Newman Homes puts their needs first; able to conduct every request to a top-tier level, Newman Homes elevates its clients and their dream homes. Not only does Newman Homes work with clients on a personal level – developing their plans perfectly and executing them with style and precision – but it also offers its pre-designed blueprints to clients who want to go for something a little more uniform. However, all of its plans can be adapted for something original, personal, and inventive. There are no bounds and the world is your oyster as you work with Newman Homes. Working on its new show room, Newman Homes is branching out for the future. It is developing new ways to showcase its seamless work and it is doing so with all of its current and potential future clients in mind. With all of its fine efforts and successes that come as no surprise, BUILD is proud to present Newman Homes with the accolade of Best Custom Home Builder & Remodelling Contractor – Maine. We look forward to seeing where it goes next as it continues on its path of success. Contact: Brandon Roberge Company: Newman Homes Web Address: Main Image & Headline Sub-Image & Supporting Headline Includes the main image & headline on the quarterly magazine, placing the client as the focal point for the issue. Arguably the most important placement on the publication, exposing viewers to the clients feature before the magazine has been opened. Smaller image on the front cover of the magazine with an accompanying short caption to draw the readers in and highlight the inclusion as one of the leading articles within the issue. Company logo on the cover Single page editorial We can include a company logo on the cover of BUILD. This brings instant awareness to a client’s participation within the publication. Including a logo is a powerful statement, with the front cover being the most prominent page of the magazine. The editorial inclusion is a full page (approx. 900 words) article written in part or in full by our experienced in-house editorial team. The inclusion will be published in the next available edition of BUILD Magazine. The client will also receive a high-resolution PDF copy of the inclusion at the end of the editorial process which they are then welcome to reshare on their channels. Front Cover Examples Editorial Examples