BUILD Q1 2018 M3T Cx Authorities LLC Issue

Build Q1 2018 40 stablished in 2003, CM3 Building Solutions provides several unique services to our market. CM3 is a systems integrator for Building Automation Systems, specializing in Schneider Electric and Tridium systems. As a service organization, they support and service BAS systems and peripheral HVAC systems in each facility. CM3 provides design/build security solutions, deploys crisis management solutions, and provides cybersecurity services for facilities. As an ESCO, CM3 also implements performance contracts. Beginning this interview, Michael begins by explaining the approach the company uses when undertaking a new client to ensure the best possi- ble outcome. Also, Michael points out what sets CM3 apart from other companies in the industry. “Being able to identify a customer’s true needs and goals for a project is the only path toward ensuring the best possible outcome. The most important part of a successful project occurs in the first few meetings with a potential customer. These meetings prioritize open communication to ascertain exactly what outcome they desire from a project. It is our job to help our customer articulate what they would like to accomplish. “The best projects are those that take a design / build approach with the customer at the table each step of the way. This process ensures that the customer is in agreement of the path forward, and provides ongoing communication through each step of the project. “There are two key aspects of our business that set us apart in our industry, and marks us as the best option for our clients. “The first aspect that sets us apart is our relationship driven approach to servicing our customers. Of utmost importance on every project is trust between the customer and solutions provider, and trust is only possible with mutual investment and communication. “The second aspect that sets us apart is how we empower our em- ployees to adjust to a customer’s needs throughout the life of project. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in working with the customer as we empower our employees to be able to adjust to a customer’s needs during the installation. Every project has changes along the way and our project management team is authorized to make those changes on the fly so long as they are equitable to both parties. We don’t require multiple teleconferences with a home office and / or a legal department to make changes to the scope of a contract. It is no secret that behind every successful company, is a passionate team of individuals, whose tireless efforts help to transform a business. At CM3, Michael praises the innovative employees who take ownership of their responsibilities. “Our management philosophy is built around employee empowerment. We encourage each employee to take ownership of their responsibilities, and provide them authority to make key decisions on behalf of CM3 when in the best interest of the customer.” Bringing the interview to a close, Michael touches on CM3’s most suc- cessful project to date, casting a light on how they make sure they create innovative solutions to maintain the success. “Our most successful project to-date was a second phase to a performance contract with a local school district in the Philadelphia area. The school dis- trict acquired a military facility left in disrepair and needed it converted to a working school building in a very short time period. The traditional bid and spec procurement model would not meet their project completion timeline, so the district contacted CM3 to discuss completing the renovation as a performance contract. CM3 provided a design that met the district specifi- cations, organized and executed all renovation measures, and completed the project on time and on budget for the start of the school year. “Innovative solutions come through a willingness to learn new products and solutions, and work with partners willing to take a chance on new technology. Our engineers and sales professionals are encouraged to consider what new or different solution may help our organization better serve the needs of our customers.” Moving forward, we ask Michael to give his predictions of what the future holds for the industry, as well as the aspirations he has for the company. “CM3 is involved in several different industries simultaneously through our various divisions. As buildings become more complex in their efficient operation, the demand to be fluent in multiple disciplines (or at least have the in-house talent to cover these disciplines) and keep things simple in the eyes of the customer is the biggest challenge. Customers hold the viewpoint that things should become simpler to use and install and, in some cases, that’s true. But what they miss is the amount of technology behind that ‘plug and play’ device and the fact that it will be ‘obsolete’ within a few years. “Here at CM3, our future aspirations are to expand on our vertical mar- kets. We have had great success at retaining our customer base, and driving repeat business through our current customers. Moving forward, we will continue to grow our customer base by offering them solutions that most effectively meet their needs and evolve with them over time.” Providing Unique Services CM3 Building Solutions provides several unique services to our market. CM3 is a systems integrator for Building Automation Systems, specializing in Schneider Electric and Tridium systems. Recently, we sat down with Michael Hanson to discover more about the innovative firm and secrets behind its success. E