BUILD Q1 2018 M3T Cx Authorities LLC Issue

Build Q1 2018 38 global print and packaging specialist, Rondo-Pak’s unique blend of capabilities and forward thinking expertise enables the company to provide present-day solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Strategically aligned to address the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, Rondo-Pak provides a comprehen- sive assortment of marketing print and packaging capabilities with the knowledge and understanding needed to ensure global brand manage- ment across the entire print and packaging supply chain. The company’s experienced team can expediently produce customized solutions both creatively and cost-effectively. Carton Assembly & Branded Sampling Service for Conveni- ence and Speed to Market Rondo-Pak’s Quick-to-Market carton assembly and branded sampling service can fulfil sudden needs or short-term opportunities identified by customers. Fully assembled market-ready-to-pack cartons and branded samples can be quickly assembled and delivered to customers for low-, medium-, and high-volume jobs. Advantages of the Quick-to-Market ser- vice include reduced labour costs, as no hand folding is required when cartons arrive; the ability to deliver custom-designed product, printed or unprinted, in both small and large quantities; short delivery time; and cGMP production. The cartons are produced at one of Rondo-Pak’s manufacturing facilities using equipment from premium machinery spe- cialists, including Dividella. SafePack - Folding Carton with Built-in Protection Rondo-Pak now offers a shock- and vibration resistant folding carton ideal for steriles or liquids that require extra protection. Rondo Safepack is designed to naturally dissipate vibration, resulting in dramatically reduced breakage potential for glass or other contents. Rondo Safepack features double-walled construction and auto-actuating cushion flaps on its top and bottom that protect against severe impact and provide higher crush resistance than standard cartons. Continued Investment in Puerto Rico Manufacturing and Distribution Facility Rondo-Pak has continued investing in its Puerto Rico manufacturing facility by adding a high-speed Heidelberg packaging press, which brings increased speeds, expands capacity and broadens the range of products that can be manufactured directly on the island. The location also offers premium climate-controlled manufacturing and warehousing space, and makes Rondo-Pak an attractive option for pharma manufacturers seeking a reliable new supplier, as well as those looking for a strong sec- ondary supplier to help minimize risk. Rondo-Pak also uses the facility to manufacture folding cartons and other printed packaging components. Rondo-Pak is a global print and packaging specialist providing effective solutions and comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The company’s portfolio of sophisticated packaging solutions addresses precise requirements for compliance, child resist- ance, anti-counterfeiting, e-pedigree while also including an extended range of print marketing formats such as inserts, leaflets, medication guides and regulated marketing materials. Rondo-Pak has been a recog- nized leader in pharmaceutical folding cartons for over 70 years, and is a proud part of the Körber Medipak Systems network of companies. Providing Present-Day Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges Rondo-Pak is a Global Print and Packaging Specialist, who’s unique blend of capabilities and forward thinking enables the company to provide present-day solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. A