BUILD Q1 2018 M3T Cx Authorities LLC Issue

Build Q1 2018 34 s a New England based company, Chalkline provides next generation Cloud based construction document management solutions to the AECO market. Possessing over 30 years of experience in the respective market, the management team is focused on delivering the solutions which customers have been asking for. Chalkline’s visionary product, VisiSpecs is the next generation suite of applications, designed by the team at the company to visually document, coordinate, and verify the Building Information Models (BIM) models and project specifications and other documents. Chalkline uses a collaborative development process with customer input, testing, plus providing continuous feedback on improvements and new functionality. VisiSpecs enables these higher levels of collaboration, coordination and verification whether the project team is entirely in-house or the use of subcontractors and outsourced specification writers are utilized. VisiSpecs is a hybrid cloud solution where its desktop and mobile applications store and access the data on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, providing easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. The product is built on familiar applications which are already in use resulting in minimal training and setup time, which is extremely beneficial to clients and staff. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project BIM models, without a lengthy and resource intensive doc setup and integration process. VisiSpecs users accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated 3rd party applications. For those already using the model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct access to the project specifications and documentation, which is a first in the industry. Maintaining an overall mission of becoming the world’s leading provider of construction documentation management solutions, the team at Chalkline work extremely hard to provide only the best service. Within the AECO market, the company’s solutions will be viewed as the highest quality, bringing the most value to their customers businesses. BIM is changing the way buildings are designed and built. VisiSpecs leverages the BIM model data, along with the familiar and already installed Microsoft Word editor, to ensure highly coordinated construction specifications are produced. AE design firms leverage better tools, processes, and coordination of construction documents for optimal design inefficiencies. VisiSpecs enables this level of integration without forcing changes to the BIM models which is visionary in itself. Contractors have access to the coordinated design documents for bidding, estimating, CM, As-builts, and commissioning. The entire process can start with the owner’s template of preferences and be delivered as a dynamically linked design for FM. Leveraging the power of the connected world, the product enables the highest level of project team collaboration available. VisiSpecs is customer driven, customer tested, and customer approved. This is important as it highlights that the firm values customer input and feedback ensure an easy to use and time saving application in delivered to the market. Again, looking to benefit the client in both terms of technology and finance, VisiSpecs Cloud servers mean customers save IT resources time and money, users can trial easily with their own projects, and deployment to multiple users can be accomplished in hours to days instead of months to years. This is what makes the product and the firm so attractive to clients. VisiSpecs is able to save clients the things people value most, time and money. It is also clear that this product receives ultimate customer satisfaction. The learning curve is very quick while functionality is increased. Visual design and integration improve quality while reducing RFIs, Addendums, and Change Orders. Project Team collaboration means that the right people can access the right information when and wherever they may be helping to make decisions faster. Ultimately, teamwork, client satisfaction, state-of-the-art technology are all key aspects in making Chalkline the visionary in technology that it is today. Staff are extremely driven, and all work hard to interact with the client and understand their requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction is at the highest level. Embedded in the company culture, innovation, creativity and working together is at the heart of everything the company does, which is one of the reasons that Chalkline is able to uphold its sterling reputation, as it catapults itself to the top of the industry. Testimonials “Installing VisiSpecs, importing my master documents, creating my first project, inserting and editing documents were “excellent” for me. Already onto my second, third, and fourth projects! Learning the software is easy. The support team is great and open to suggestions.” ~ S. Bliss, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, LEED “After just two projects using VisiSpecs, the BIM coordination between our models and specifications highlighted an issue we could easily fix. That alone pays for the monthly subscription!” ~D. Lauver, BRiC Partnership Visionaries in Technology Chalkline, Inc. is the developer of VisiSpecs TM , a successful and innovative product. We profile the firm and its successful, innovative products, as we look to explore what makes them visionaries in technology. A