BUILD Q1 2018 Avalon Building & Decorating Contractors Ltd I

Build Q1 2018 6 valon Construction & Design Ltd provides construction ser- vices, specialised in complete high-end property renovations. This sometimes means complete re-buildingof existing struc- tures with new enlarged footprint, basement floors, additional top floors or mansards, and optimised layouts. Beginning this interview, Managing Director Miros Bogdantsaliev goes into details about how Avalon undertakes a new client, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome, as well as what sets them apart from other companies in the industry. “With regards to our approach when working with a new client, as an example I would quote one of our client’s testimonial which is displayed on our website: ‘One thing I forgot to say in the video testimonial is that I think Avalon is the only truly customer-centric construction company in London. You really do put the customer first which I would say is really unique’. This I think describes best Avalon’s mission, vision and values and underlines the principles of everything we do such as tendering, taking on new projects or communicating with our clients. This ensures the best outcome for the Client as well as for the company. “As for what sets us apart, I think it is the fact that we are driven by the above principle. By applying my personal values to the business, I have created a different, more beneficial to the client corporate moral. I think that the financial result is a function of the value and benefits we provide to the client, not the opposite. First, we ensure that the client’s aims have been fully achieved and then the results follow. It may look naïve and counterintuitive for some, but I can assure you that it achieves much better results as opposed to a truly profit-driven business model. It is no secret that within every industry there are challenges that busi- nesses will face. For Avalon, Miros informs us of the challenges that they have had to overcome throughout the years, but how these difficulties have strengthened his company’s values. “Throughout the years, we have had to deal with different challenges I would say on a daily basis. We have learned when to say Yes and when to politely say No to new projects enquiries, when values, expectations and reality do not match. We also learned how important is having in place and following the correct processes and structure in different as- pects of the business, like: tender, contracts and project managing, and post project client care processes. “A particular challenge currently, is the uncertainty created by ‘Brexit’ and some of the recent tax changes to the property sector which affected some of our developer clients. We are not, and have never been scared by challenges and learn by overcoming these. I think that we actually need challenges to have a healthy, successfully growing business.” Moving the discussion onto Avalon’s success throughout the years, Miros highlights the firm’s most successful project to date, as well as revealing to us how they make sure they create innovative solutions to maintain success. “if I’m honest, I wouldn’t be able to separate one project as ‘The’ most successful one. Truth is, every project is different, and there are different lessons to learn. Overall, I think that the most important lesson that I have personally learned from all of our projects so far, is that what works for one project, will not necessarily work well with another. As an example, a more processes-relaxed way of managing a project will work very well with some clients but not with others. Good processes needto be followed in every project and avoid relaxed management models. This means that when there are clearly defined rules and process, it is much easier to achieve the end result in the most effective way, which is beneficial to the Client and the Company as well. “As for how we create innovative solutions to maintain success, mostly we look for available innovative solutions and try to implement the best ones. However, we also look at some well-forgotten traditional values that applied now are innovative since they have been underestimated and forgotten for a long time. Sometimes the solution is right here, we just need to look back and find it instead of re-inventing it again. “Avalon was listed in ‘Construction top 50’ companies and received ‘Defining the world’ award by the Build magazine in 2016. Our corporate moral, values, vision and ideas will definitely ensure that we deserved this award and will make sure that we deserve it in the future. This is a big aim to live up to, but surely it is a worth it one!” Bringing the interview to a close, Miros looks ahead to what the future has in store for both the industry as well as Avalon. “Our industry can definitely benefit from the new advances in technology, automation, self-learnings machines, new materials and renewable ener- gy. On the other hand, we must ensure that a new level of high corporate moral and values is in place to provide the best services to people. “At Avalon, we are in the process of creating a new business develop- ment strategy. This aims to provide new values and experience to people by providing creative design, construction and innovations, creating new level of life quality and environment and making people’s life better. So, watch this space! Delivering Exceptional Renovations Avalon Construction & Design Ltd provides construction services, specialised in complete high-end property renovations. Recently, we invited Managing Director, Miros Bogdantsaliev to tell us more about his innovative company and ideas. A