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Build Q1 2018 34 ounded in 2002, CK Direct have invested in state-of-the-art equipment which enables the team to design, manufacture and install high quality commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems at a competitive price with exceptional lead times. Within the Commercial Kitchen Ventilation market, CK Direct works with an assortment of clients, ranging from small hotels and independent restaurants through to public sector clients, such as schools, colleges and care homes, as well as major high street food chains and blue chip companies. The team pride themselves on delivering an efficient, high quality and bespoke service to them all. Offering a variety of services, clients come to the firm with a range of requests. Whether they are designing a brand new ventilation system or updating an old one, the whole process can be quite complex. At CK Di- rect, the firm can guide them through the process to ensure they choose the right components that will work together to deliver a well-designed, safe and efficient system that will last for years. Furthermore, staff also work closely with regulatory bodies so they can provide clients with the latest advice and guidance on choosing and maintaining the extraction and ventilation system, meaning it is able to meet the requirements and best practices outlined by The British Stand- ard and the Health and Safety Executive. Tony explains to us the firm’s approach when undertaking a new project and working with a new client, which he believes is vital to making the firm stand out within the industry, along with its excellent cost effective services. “CK Direct ensure with all clients that proposals and meetings are held at Director Level, ensuring the customer is fully aware of all regulations that may apply to their particular project. Once the project is undertaken, a Senior Project Manager will take over the project. This has proved successful on many past projects. “Additionally, the company offers a full Design-Manufacture-Installation & Maintenance Package. We believe our strengths come from offering a quality product at an extremely competitive price, as well as the product our installation and service promise is impeccable.” Currently, the industry is treating CK Direct well, having been quite buoy- ant which has kept the team extremely busy. Carlo puts this down to staff looking after existing customers and ensuring all projects and deadlines are met without fail, achieving a high customer retention by putting major efforts into building a partnership with our client. He is keen to tell us about his most successful project to date, which has provided the firm with experiences that they have been able to learn from. “Although not our biggest project, the most successful project we carried out was last Winter for Pappas Cappuccino in Harlow. The original scheme was for a new Fast Food Restaurant in the Harvey Shopping Centre in Harlow. We were aware of the challenges that can arise when working in shopping centres. “The original scheme prior to site survey was quoted at £40k for Extract Hoods and ducting, after meeting on site with the Client, Construction company and the Centre Management team it was clear that no provi- sion had been made for General Ventilation or Tempered Air, which is a building control requirement. The addition of this system caused quite a strain on the customer’s budget, and added approximately four weeks to the completion.” “From this, we learnt initial design and comprehensive site surveys are key in our industry to avoid nasty surprises. Making the most of these lessons, Carlo then goes on to explain how he guarantees that the firm create innovative solutions to maintain its success, referring us to the strict quality control measures that staff undertake. “At CK Direct, we are very critical of the units we manufacture and produce, we are always looking at different ways to manufacture any particular unit to see if we can save material and time without compro- mising quality. Criticism comes not only from within CK Direct but our customer’s views are extremely important to our success. “Essentially, we have introduced strict quality control measures to main- tain uniform and great quality stainless steel fabricated Extract Hoods, Benches, and Sinks to name a few.” Lastly, related to the future aspirations for CK Direct, Tony outlines his plans and projects, which mainly consists of matching and exceeding customer expectations. There looks to be exciting times ahead, with Tony telling us about the high-profile celebrity clients that the firm is working with. “Moving forward, our future aspirations are much the same as the last few years, that is to make sure the customer understands and is satisfied with the works being undertaken, carry out the works to the best of our ability in a professional and friendly manner. “Future projects for next year are looking great so far, with January already full with two Gino D’Acampo restaurants being refurbished, and we have just won a major refurb of a three Michelin Star Restaurant in central London, the start of the year is very promising.” Commercial Kitchen Ventilation & Stainless Steel Catering Fabrications Headquartered in Peterborough, CK Direct has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry. We profile the firm and speak to Tony Ricciardi and Carlo Cataldo as we look to find out more about the upcoming and ambitious company. F