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Build Q1 2018 30 3 Studio Berzunza interfaces between natural environments and design, providing their clients with an array of services to bring cutting edge solutions, while at the same time generat- ing a positive impact of the environment and community. The innovative design firm addresses every client and every project through their diverse range of services, such as: Drafting, 3-D Visualization, Landscape and Interior Design, and Design Consulting. The design industry has become more encompassing and at V3 Studio Berzunza, they take pride in using every design aspect to surpass their clients’ expectations and ideas into a reality. As for how V3 Studio Berzunza achieves their overall mission, Principal/ Designer, Vladimir Berzunza talks us through the steps the firm takes to achieve it and what sets them apart from their competitors. “How we achieve our mission, is by directly addressing the users’ needs and seeing them as potential sources of inspiration and strength. V3 Studio Berzunza seeks new directions in design practice – evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials related directly to geography, climate, and local urban experiences. The main step is connecting with the client and gain their trust so that they can trust the process. “V3 Studio Berzunza is classified as ‘boutique’ since we take a handful of projects at a time. This approach is something we’d love to keep as it means that our service is a bit more personalised. We allocate the necessary time for consultations and we are very transparent in our services. This has kept us in business, in fact all of our customers are from referrals and networking.” Recently, V3 Studio Berzunza were awarded AI’s Best Environmental Design Consultancy - Pacific Northwest USA award. Discussing the success, Vladimir reveals to us what it means to have won the awards, and highlights how industry awards help firms such as yours to thrive and prosper. “We feel extremely honoured to represents this year’s AI’s Best Envi- ronmental Design Consultancy award. Having industry awards helps firms like V3 Studio Berzunza to keep striving. Getting recognition is like getting praises when you are a little kid: it makes you feel acknowledged and appreciated. However more importantly, these awards are a great indicator that the reader is being influenced by our work. This award is the reader’s response to our hard work.” Bringing the interview to a close, Vladimir reflects on the current state of the design industry, noting on some of the specific challenges that it faces and how V3 Studio Berzunza adapts around them. “The design industry has had an exponential growth in the last few years, particularly in urban areas. Our great geographical location and beautiful sceneries create a perfect canvas for us to complement it. One of the main challenges is to find the suitable solution to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Many times, clients come to us with a design board that might not be ideal. Whether it is out of context, budget, or it might not meet certain safety requirement, it is then that we analyse and synthesize to discover the common denominator, finding the reason why the client is attracted to this(ese) style(s) and define the soul of the project.” Looking ahead, we ask Vladimir to share his thoughts on how he intends to make the most of the company’s success, and how the firm plans to grow further. “Following our win, we have gained awesome clients. They feel inte- grated to our design firm, since they are in fact part of it. Thanks to the opportunity they have given us, we now have come this far. It’s that sense of ownership that makes them feel as honoured as we feel to have received this award. Customers get a better appreciation of the services we offer. This is creating a great reputation for us, another asset to our list. “Overall, we intend to keep that close communication with customers. This allows us to sync and develop the type of product they need strictly personalised. By being in continuous study of the design industry and environment, we will better integrate all aspects of design when it comes to a new project.” New Directions in Design Practice V3 Studio Berzunza is a boutique design firm with a main focus on bringing cutting edge design solutions to their clients, whilst generating a positive impact for both the environment and community. Recently, we sat down with Principal/Designer, Vladimir Berzunza who reveals to us the secrets behind the company’s success and what it means to have received the accolade Best Environmental Design Consultancy - Pacific Northwest USA. V