BUILD Q1 2018 Avalon Building & Decorating Contractors Ltd I

Build Q1 2018 20 built here is very special, and we’re appreciative of the opportunity to continue growing and satisfying new clients. “Secondly, being recognized as Roofing Firm of the Year confirms to us that we have been doing this right. Investing in our employees and consistently doing what’s best for our clients over the past 39 years, has been a very fulfilling journey that we are excited to continue.” With New Britain Roofing always looking to produce great results alongside excellent customer satisfaction, Jeff elaborates on the inner processes within the firm and attitude towards improvement. “Embedded in the company ethos, the staff is very passionate about what they do and because of this they always have their eyes and ears open looking for ways to improve upon themselves. We maintain an open line of communication with many manufacturers and vendors, and are always open to begin new relationships.” Subsequently, there are plenty of opportunities for New Britain Roofing to explore in the future, with avenues opening up in a variety of different areas. Despite the roofing industry being an unpredictable one, Travis Redner cites innovation in tools and materials as a key aspect of the company moving forward, while also constantly having to adapt to keep up with the ever changing regulations. Jeff signs off by confirming New Britain Roofing’s dedication to improvement, improving their services, products and client satisfaction, will see the firm cement itself as a leader within the industry. “Predicting the future is difficult, you never really know what can change in a year in this industry. I think it would be safe to say we will be encoun- tering some new innovations in tools and materials, and possibly some more regulations with consideration to the environment. We are very excited to see where green roofing goes and have been keeping an eye on the “Tesla Tile”, it could be revolutionary for both the commercial and residential roofing industries. “Ultimately, we want to continue to be the best. We want to continue to learn and adapt. Most of all, we firmly believe that if we remain focused on what is best for our clients and employees that we will continue to grow and have success.”