August 2017

10 BUILD / August 2017 , Dedication, Integrity & Professionalism As New Jersey &NewYork’s most trusted oil tank company, we spoke to the man in the know, Steve Rich to find out more about how the company has provided a peace of mind for homeowners since 1981. Since 1981, Steve Rich Environmental Contractors (SREC) has provided reliable, comprehensive residential environmental services to the New Jersey – New York metropolitan area. Specifically designed to be small enough to give each project the full attention it deserves - and large enough to complete all jobs efficiently - SREC is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to whatever need a homeowner might have. “The safety of your family is of primary importance to us. With our work, we endeavour to make sure your home and its surrounding environs are within code to N.J./N.Y. standards, but mostly that any problem you might be having is attended to at a moment’s notice. “Yes, the business landscape has changed greatly in the last decade or so, but at Steve Rich Environmental Contractors we have adhered to three decades of a time-worn, well-deserved, sweated-over business ethic — simply put — dedication, integrity and professionalism are our driving forces. “In an age of making a quick buck with quality too often an afterthought, I believe in doing the job right the very first time, with pride of craftsmanship at the root of our labour. Our work must stand the test of time for the continued health and welfare of your family. Judging our continued success by the personal attention we give each job our record of customer satisfaction is of course our most prized possession.” Steve Rich Environmental Contractors is said to be your complete, hometown environmental contracting company. Fully licensed, bonded and insured, their highly specialised crews use state-of- the-art equipment to evaluate, attend to, and complete their varied services. Some of those services include: N.J. oil tank testing, removal abandonment and installation, soil and groundwater inspection as well as remediation and vacuum truck services. The company’s oil tank services include underground oil tank testing, so whether you’re selling your home, looking to obtain new insurance-or just peace of mind, there are many reasons why you may want an oil tank test. SREC can certainly provide you with reliable and accurate results for that test. Steve then explains more about this to us. “When you contact SREC for a free consultation, a sales representative will ask preliminary questions concerning the location and nature of your underground storage tank then set up a time and day for your tank test (a minimum four-day period from the contract date is required before work can begin to properly obtain ‘utility mark- outs’.) “On site, our experienced personnel will first locate your tank and its lines extending into the home. A geoprobe machine or handheld geoprobe will then be used to install 2” diameter soil borings around your tank from which the soil samples will be extracted. “It’s SREC policy to extend all soil borings to this depth beyond the base of your tank to provide an accurate assessment of the soil below your tank. Those soil samples are then sent to an NJDEP certified lab for analysis, with preliminary lab results typically available in five business days. A sales representative will forward the full lab report for any tank test.” Other services provided by Steve Rich Environmental Contractors include hazardous waste disposal, indeed the company’s professional abatement services provide their clients with a wide array of hazardous waste disposal solutions for large and small quantity generators. They offer multi-treatment capabilities, with single-site convenience, for a vast range of hazardous substances and materials. Steve tells us about four of these in his own words. “On reactives, our comprehensive hazardous waste disposal and treatment capabilities include neutralisation of acids and bases, oxidation and reduction and the hydrolysis of water reactives. We accept waste in drums, cylinders and lab pack configurations. “Our comprehensive gas cylinder program is founded on our expertise in gas handling, process engineering, regulatory knowledge and specialty chemical treatment. We design safe, efficient treatment options for over 500 gases that would otherwise require more expensive disposal. “Turning to corrosives, we accept and neutralise a broad variety of corrosive wastes, including: inorganic acid, phosphoric, nitric and chromic acids, as well as inorganic basic mixtures or discarded base products, such 1703BU30