Architecture Top 50 2017

16 BUILD - Architecture Top 50 / April 2017 , NEB, part of the Architecture Top 50, aims to deliver complete satisfaction, and their scope of service is rich. The company is amulti-dimensional service provider offering the built environment a complete range of services from the inception to the completion of a project. Design Wherever You Want to Be On a continuous basis, we present ourselves to the market with only the best of our endeavours, and are always committed to adding value within the following main disciplines: • Architecture; • Structural engineering; • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering; • Urban and master planning; • Civil and environmental planning; • Interior design; • Site supervision; • Construction on project management (CPM) and; • Peer reviews and value engineering. Architecture Top 50 Within this industry, it is essential to grow, adapt and improve. Here at NEB, we have this as our main objective each year whether this is realised through our projects undertaken, dedication to sustainable factors, employing new talent or staff training, we aim to develop as a company. With this in mind, NEB’s presence in such architecture surveys is a great indicator of our growth over the years. For NEB, this is a great way for the staff to see their hard work and dedication has been acknowledged by a leading UK based magazine. For NEB, as a whole, we can take this as a great platform for moving forward as an international company. Approaching new clients and projects With each new client, we adopt the same approach- to realise their vision. At NEB, we pride ourselves on offering support and guidance on any project from start to finish; offering advice on all elements from design, permitting or value engineering, regardless of the size of the project. Our staff invest time and energy on each project to ensure we deliver a project that the client is happy with and is a true representation of NEB. Our approach has proved most effective, resulting in return business and happy loyal clients. Factors that set NEB apart from competitors What sets NEB apart from the competition is our wealth in diversity. This is apparent not only in the varied skills held by the 470+ staff at NEB, but also the range and scale of the projects undertaken. The types of projects completed include; villas to high-rise residential, hotels and malls, mosques and schools. From this, it is safe to say that this company has acquired a wide skill-set available to any client, developed over time due to the sheer scope of its past projects. Overall aims and strategies to achieve these At NEB, we pride ourselves on realising the clients’ visions. The company works with the client, investing a lot of time and effort in to each project. The team of NEB is there to cooperate with our clients, to guide and advice, in order to make sure every project is successful, on time and within budget. This includes a lot of case studies and research to ensure the most reasonable price is given and operational costs are reduced. Innovative solutions to maintain success When approaching any project, the firm’s architects carefully consider the brief and the point of view and vision of the client. The architects then set about realising this vision. For this, each project is approached like a blank canvas, adopting clean, neat lines and a strong massing to create a building that is strong on the site on which it stands. The aim is to create a space that enhances the human experience, implementing the companies design philosophy: ‘design wherever you want to be’. Our most iconic project to date would be the Marina 106, currently under construction and due for completion next year. This project showcases the structural engineering capabilities of NEB, and how as a company we excel in High rise projects within the region. The project is certainly our most iconic to date as it will be the second tallest tower in Dubai, behind the Burj Khalifa. Future for the industry The future of architecture and engineering looks to be extremely fascinating with designs including such themes as hypnotic bridges, rotating skyscrapers and disaster-proof residential buildings. Also, today’s challenges are to build more buildings yet simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint in order to get a more socially, ecologically and economically sustainable environment. Additional challenges are communication, collaboration and a seamless workflow throughout the whole process. Future for the company At present, NEB has many projects nearing completion including two five-star hotels - Crowne Plaza in Dubai Marina and Kempinski on Dubai Palm - one residential tower (Marina 106 in Dubai Marina), which will be the second tallest tower after Burj Khalifa once completed next year. Also scheduled for completion is the villa compounds with Emaar (Cidre 1 & 2 and Mira Oasis) and a five- star resort; the Intercontinental in Fujeirah. Over the next five to 10 years, plans are to expand in a number of ways, starting with the intake of new types of projects, adopting new strategies and incorporating the latest technologies into each design. It is essential to NEB 1703BU03