Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 26 2022 will see the company partake in a range of architectural projects, including work on homes, hotels, and kindergartens. It has numerous concepts and ideas that are waiting for the right opportunity to be fully realised. A selection of these ideas can be found within the company’s portfolio; however, the company is keeping these concepts alive, and is waiting for the right opportunity to use them to its advantage. Contact: Yoshitaka Uchino Company: YDS Architects Web Address: omprised of architects, urbanists, thinkers, scientists, and engineers, YDS Architects is a leading architecture firm that strives for innovation. Specialising in the creation of beautiful spaces, the firm utilises biophilic design to induce a sense of openness and freedom, and to allow the inhabitant to feel the transitions between light and shadow. Henceforth, YDS Architects is built upon five unique principles: Wavering Nature, Organic Voids, Urban Agora, Flowing Promenades, and Diversifying Symbiosis. Creating a new vision – something that has never been done before – is, in essence, the company’s mission. As visionaries of art, science, and philosophy, YDS Architects embeds such subjects within its work. One of the firm’s recent projects, Organic Pillars, which was completed in April 2022, demonstrates a new concept within renovation. This was a common theme throughout the projects finalised this year – YDS Architects has accomplished its goal of establishing a new wave of architecture. For many years, the firm has been creating an original style, and with this complete, it is now it is ready to work on projects with a much greater scale. YDS Architects’ approach to projects follows a tried and tested formula. Each project begins with an intensive design stage, within which the firm completes multiple large sketches and models. Once the basic concept is decided upon by the founder, Yoshitaka Uchino, the firm continues to evolve the design into a heightened, more refined version, as the company is constantly striving for perfection, quality, and luxury. Of course, the team’s approach does vary depending upon the type of building they’re designing – for example, when designing residential buildings, they ponder the meaning of what it is to ‘live together’ and try to infuse connection within their projects. These ideas are what sets the firm apart from other architects – it is wholly unique and original, and its concepts cannot be found elsewhere. Moreover, the company’s five principles drive the company to be the best that it can be. YDS Architects uses these principles to navigate the development of stimulating concepts and ideas, which has resulted in a range of both minimalistic and contemporary projects. In addition, the company’s new websites are unlike anything created by its competitors – one is the company’s flagship website, one website clarifies its mission, and the others cover on architecture, education, Japanese and world history, and the planet. Most Innovative Architecture Practice 2022 - Japan YDS Architecture is an architecture firm that embraces its eccentricity, its uniqueness, and its originality. Unlike many architecture firms, the company is unapologetically itself, utilising concepts and designs that it believes in to bolster its portfolio. In 2022, YDS Architecture will be lending its expertise to a range of projects in both the public and residential sectors. C May22001