Architecture Awards 2021

53 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD May21353 evoDOMUS evoDOMUS homes draw inspiration from the school of modernism, and ideals of elegance, coherence and harmony. Its designs integrate natural light, intelligent use of expanded space and volume, and programme flexibility with a view to future usage, in a modern-built environment. evoDOMUS creates solid, warm homes for people who are environmentally-aware and love modern architecture, with unexpected attention paid to details such as how the home will function in daily life today, next week and in five years. ucked away behind low trees and local flora just off the coast of Massachusetts is the extraordinary Island Gem home, which BUILD has recognised as the best completed modern Bauhaus beach house – USA. The property offers plenty of space for a family of five and their guests, and has a huge roof deck with outdoor kitchen, accompanied by a gorgeous green roof which creates a unique outdoor living experience with stunning ocean views. An art studio and double garage are additional features of this stunning home, which is located within walking distance of the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. The building of this home defied the odds, with it being built on an island which made things quite complicated. Everything had to be barged because the crane and prefab components did not fit on a regular ferry. With the help of a wonderful local builder, the evoDOMUS team was able to overcome all hurdles and successfully build this project. The close proximity to the water also brought its own challenges with flood plain requirements and building height restrictions. Indeed, evoDOMUS strives to change the world one house at a time, which may seem somewhat idealistic, but it believes in the inherent will of people to do the right thing. Those who are looking to build a house have the choice of spending a sizable sum of money for a home that consumes energy at an alarming rate, or they could spend slightly more initially to benefit from substantially lower utility costs, thereby helping to conserve the planet’s limited supply of fossil fuels. evoDOMUS believes that the latter can prevail. The key is to make it an easily understandable and obtainable choice. Also, this “healthy for the planet” choice need not look healthy, nor must it look like it is good for the planet! It can look bodacious, chic, generous and new, without being bad for anyone. This is where evoDOMUS comes in. It delivers beautiful, incredibly high-performance, energy-efficient homes. Clients tell their friends, and they tell their friends, and soon there is a butterfly effect: an increasing number of people understanding the value of sustainability in construction, and in life. This is the future of residential architecture and evoDOMUS is proud to play its part in bringing it to its clients. To accompany the company on this journey to achieve our goals, it has formed a team of like-minded individuals who all have the same ambitious vision. T However, evoDOMUS has seen challenges and changes in the form of COVID-19. Demand for new homes is high and been growing while material prices are skyrocketing. Green home building is a trend in the US, but not nearly as developed as Europe. evoDOMUS is working hard to educate people about the benefits of energy efficiency and healthy homes. evoDOMUS recognises the importance of fresh air and abundant sunlight, working to make sure that these are provided within its clients’ new homes. In this pursuit, it takes the principles of passive design to heart, utilising proper solar orientation whenever possible, and architectural design to maximise natural light and air flow. This creates open living spaces which improve quality of life. Because evoDOMUS homes are built to be extremely air- tight to prevent energy loss and to increase comfort, they are equipped with either an energy recovery or heat recovery ventilation system to provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air. Additionally, its walls are designed to prevent moisture accumulation and mould inside the home. evoDOMUS typically heats and cools its homes using air source pumps (mini-split units), while geothermal heat pumps are an option for larger homes in cold climate zones. The company uses low or no VOC paints and finishes in its homes and prefers natural materials. Finish selections consist predominately of products with high-recycled content, as well as FSC certified woods and bamboo. Although evoDOMUS can provide carpeting on request, it recommends the use of hard flooring surfaces to protect against allergens and moulds that thrive in carpeting and can negatively affect health. Finally, due to its well-insulated walls, high-performance windows and the lack of a noisy forced-air furnace, evoDOMUS homes are quiet, providing a peaceful and tranquil refuge from a hectic world. This is especially noticeable in noisier urban settings. Ultimately, evoDOMUS’ goal is to create structures that are in harmony with their environment while being as sustainable as possible. Looking ahead, it plans to continue its work and keep the size of its company boutique-like. It is important that the company can be personally involved with its clients, always providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. Leading Providers of Custom Prefab Homes – USA Best Completed Modern Bauhaus Beach House (Island Gem) - USA Company: evoDOMUS Contact: Alexander Kolbe Email: [email protected] Website: