Architecture Awards 2021

45 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD May21148 Best Design Industry News Platform 2021 - China Having created a platform uniting the world of professional real estate and design, Designwire’s work has become the tool of choice for its industry. Over the years, it has attracted great minds from all over the world, and accrued a vast client list of businesses that use its platform to share work and connect with each other, streamlining the work and ensuring the right resources reach the right people. esignwire, established by Jessica Ma, is a We- media platform that allows professionals in global real estate and design to connect, chat, share, and network. It is comprehensive and authoritative, with each user getting access to a WeChat official account, website platform, and diverse media platforms, and allowing the upload and transmission of real estate and design resources that keep everyone informed and on the same page during a project. Presently, it has been in operation for over 7 years, and collaborated with over 300 top of the line professional people in its industry from real estate companies both home and abroad to architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals, attracting many by way of its highly popular international interior design forums. In addition, Designwire has become the preferred medium for design resources collation and creation to leaders of the industry, including George Yabu – this has not only accrued it credibility and further notoriety, but has contributed in helping it reach one million users. Designwire has also solidly kept to its values and founding principles since the beginning of its operation. The most prevalent of these is the ‘crazy’ ambition and dedication that spurred it into creating a long term value addition to its industry such as the platform it now purveys, with the company’s growth allowing it to reach for further goals and scale itself over time. Designwire helps China’s developers work with global real estate, design, and construction companies and consultants, facilitating the nation’s reach within the international market and evolving, sharing, and contributing to the changing tastes and trends of the sector. Fundamentally, this has allowed it to undertake the mission of giving back to society, its industry, and to the professionals in its field; creating wealth is so much more about money to Designwire, it is also found in helping others and bettering the world around it in the macro scale. Furthermore, the founder of Designwire has been working in the field for 17 years, applying her considerable knowledge and experience towards making the platform as effective as possible. This gives it the significant advantage of being able to address the challenges that face real estate and design professionals, as Jessica Ma herself has both contended with and helped others contend with such things, the platform being her way of making design and real estate work more efficient and streamlined across the board. In addition, the team behind D Designwire are all equally proficient and capable, most of whom are design graduates, and all of whom are international visionaries, working with dedication, passion, and innovation. Being based in Beijing, Designwire looks forward to being able to step in time with the region’s economic develop, growing with it towards greater success. It wishes to avail itself more of the global real estate and design market as it progresses towards the future, creating a century old enterprise that it can continue to grow into perpetuity, and is proud to have launched Master Class as part of this. Crucially, this service invites the world’s top designers and developers to deliver high-value education and training, as well as allowing it to set up a plan to invest part of the money earned from the courses into public welfare. As it moves forward, it is excited to bring many more design firms and professionals with it into the future of the industry with Designwire, Master Class, and the ingenuity that continually improves both. Company: Designwire Contact: Kerry Hsun Website: