Architecture Awards 2021

35 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best Lighting Design Studio - UAE Over the years that Neolight Global has been in operation, its work in the industry of professional lighting has become renowned as second to none. Not only are its lighting solutions and products the best in the business, but it knows how to work with an area’s natural light and shadow, playing with the existing dynamics of a space to save on energy and resulting in truly stunning, unique lighting effects. eolight Global is a company owned by Alan Mitchell, its Creative and Managing Director, delivering exemplary professional lighting solutions to prestigious clients all around the world. With over 30 years of experience in doing so, he and his team are expert in the provision of services that perfectly fit a client’s specifications, going above and beyond to wow the crowd and creating lighting that suits all manner of project or location, from large reports and masterplans, to bars, restaurants, governmental buildings, palaces, stadiums, opera houses, and private residences. Throughout, the goal of his work has always been the same, to provide the best lighting solutions in the industry and work with clients as well as for them. This is emboldened by Neolight Global’s core values of creativity, energy conservation, and efficiency, all delivered with world class project management and perfectly in budget, something it will settle with a client way ahead of time and work within. These elements are what has made it such a darling of its industry, treating each project like the most high-stakes theatrical production, where every element must be perfect in form and function. Fundamentally, this informs its lighting design by ensuring it places lights only where they’re needed, creating interesting solutions that save money and energy whilst not compromising on quality. As an example, Neolight Global has worked on the Dubai Opera House, creating a Dow inspired interior in the main foyer, lit without downlights – instead, it used LEDs hidden N in the columns lining the walls, creating an ethereal glowing effect. This emphasised the incredible shape of the auditorium, creating interior and exterior effects as the lighting beckons the public inside. Another good example of its outstanding work was for Bluewaters. Also a Dubai venue, it won the Best Public Realm and Landscape Lighting Award, consisting of two hotels, several residential areas, serviced apartment buildings, a large retail park, and a public plaza below the soon to be opening Dubai Eye. Foremost, it was the primary lighting consultant on this massive project, pulling together a variety of different teams in the process. It was enthralled and excited by the challenge, putting into practice its years of experience working with worldwide lighting teams and developing close relationships with them that facilitated flawless internal communication. This, the stunning work it managed – and the use of many different techniques – allowed the display to go off without a hitch, making for happy clients and happy guests. Neolight Global will always appreciate a challenge, and its current projects are no different, as it has been contracted to permanently light the Iconic Cliff in partnership with Qiddiya Logo. Instead of using static lighting, it pulled out all the stops to provide projection mapping, resulting in the largest such lighting work in the world. Interestingly, due to its work with shadow as well as light, it has also been called ‘darkness designers’, and from the sheer amount of prestigious products it has had and currently has a hand in, its market clearly responds positively to this – especially in the Middle East, despite the challenges that Covid-19 initially presented. Consistently, it strives to work with its client’s environment, picking out elements of the area that transport guests to a whole new world and continually finding the best and most creative solutions, and is looking forward to providing this for many new clients in the future. In the coming years, therefore, it will be using the lessons it learned over Covid-19 to operate bigger, better, and brighter than ever, developing exciting new working relationships across its industry and continuing work on big projects like Diriyah Gate in KSA. Company: Neolight Global Contact: Alan Mitchell Website: May21029