Architecture Awards 2021

11 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD and bioclimatic also shaped the design choices, starting from the construction technology to the single materials that were used, from an ecosystem perspective. From every room and department common area, the external green layout is visible and directly accessible, but protected both from bad weather and noise (each room has its own small outdoor space which is accessible, safe and secure, along with porches and screens which shield from sun, rain and noise). The additional common spaces include an “outdoor green room” designed for health therapy, protected from noise and specifically equipped with paths for rehabilitation. Natural light and natural ventilation of all environments and spaces are absolutely predominant. Light and shading are synergistically designed and therefore guaranteed (also to promote the circadian rhythm), thermo-hygrometric and electromagnetic comfort are guaranteed as well as quality air flow (present VMC), water management and optimal energy balance, all within a management and economic budget general in an ethical style. To summarise, the project consists of three departments (each equipped with all the health and management environments as well as a gymnasium each), an outdoor garden for protected rehabilitation, a winter garden for rehabilitation in all weather conditions, a further outdoor gymnasium, paths and gardens both private for the individual rooms and internal to the large courtyard and external, a modern glazed atrium with multi-storey offices, ambulatory area and laboratories and offices on several floors, bar and warehouse area and arrivals means, a large modern meal production centre, and ample green parking with pedestrian paths. Company: GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini Architetto Contact: Gianluca Brini: Owner & Founder , Riccardo Brini: General Manager Email: [email protected] Website: