Architecture Awards 2020

66 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20321 Best Full-Service Medical & Healthcare Architecture Firm 2020 – Florida stablished in 1999, LCA Architecture, Inc is a full-service architecture firm operating inWest PalmBeach, Florida, that specialises in medical and dental projects. Since the company’s inception, the primary focus has not changed, but their portfolio has expanded to include general office, commercial, industrial, retail, shell buildings and hospital adaption. It is not just experience spanning over two decades that sets LCA Architecture apart from its competitors, but a thorough understanding and respect for the construction and development sector too. The experts at LCA Architecture understand the importance of collaboration and choose exceptional engineering firms to support complex undertakings and stay in constant communication with contractors during the construction phase. This is not just to offer their support to contractors, but ensure that a client’s project is staying true to their demands throughout the entirety of the process. The key to any project’s success is building a strong relationship with the client from the initial consultation. Every project sees either one or both of the firm’s Principal Architects, Leslaw Czaczyk A.I.A and Denise Cravy A.I.A, NCARB, working alongside the project managers from the conception of an idea to its completion. Offering in-house mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineering not only cuts delivery times and costs, but also allows the team of architects to follow the progress of each project closely and have a thorough understanding of how the separate elements of the project coordinate. Combined with their extensive experience of medical and dental projects, LCA Architecture is well equipped to deliver projects in a timely manner and to an exceptional standard. Having focused on medical facilities since the company’s inception, LCA Architecture have a great deal of experience in remodelling existing spaces. This includes developing measures on existing infection control protocols and other steps to improve safety for both construction workers and those operating within the facility. The latest project run by LCA Architecture involved improving the cancer center at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which E provided the same challenges as all architectural work on hospitals. This includes obtaining approval from the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), yet these challenges were only minor obstructions for the LCA Architecture team, who are well equipped with years of experience to manage such circumstances. LCA Architecture is now looking into how it can expand its services, beginning with refinements to the design of air handling systems. This will be particularly useful within dental facilities which are often designed without enclosed rooms, posing unique infection control challenges. LCA Architecture is currently investing in cost effective solutions for air sanitizing and filtration systems, such as bi-polar ionization. Looking at the bigger picture, the firm is assessing the viability of putting more of their resources into the public project sector. Until this point, LCA Architecture has provided shelter buildings for toll collection plazas and a support building for the VA Hospital in Viera, Florida. The team are now considering exploring projects such as these in greater depth, as adding more publicly funded projects to their portfolio will be instrumental in building their resilience to market downturns. At what is no doubt a pivotal time for healthcare institutions across the globe, LCA Architecture’s continued development of services remains as valuable an asset as ever. As the company continues to evolve, we look forward to seeing what lies ahead for the LCA Architecture firm. Company: LCA Architecture, Inc. Contact: Denise S. Cravy Web Address: From architecture for new multi-storey medical office buildings to interior design for small dental tenant improvement projects, LCA Architecture, Inc are the experts. Licensed to operate in Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee, and with over two decades of experience, LCA Architecture is constantly evolving and expanding. We took a closer look to find out how they were growing their success.